Link to first two episodes:

I wanted to create a story that would showcase Asian American leads in a mainstream storyline, without ignoring the underlying issues of being Asian in a predominantly white culture. I was tired of seeing Asian American experiences being isolated to the immigrant condition, or solely catering to the Asian American audience. We wanted to portray a world where Asian American millennials live in a mixed American culture, while still addressing what it’s like to be Asian in that diversifying world.

It’s not about trying to make Asian Americans seem more “White”, it’s about marrying both worlds and seeing the characters have to grapple with both identities.

Audience Reviews:

“Wow, this series does NOT shy around or weakly dismiss The Elephant In The Room…The dialogue mirrors the back-and-forth in the asianamerican political space. It’s just so right on. I’m glad it’s front and center. This is an Asianamerican millennial story through and through.”

“So intense love the chemistry between the characters we want more!”


“This is fantastic – probably the most relatable show I’ve seen in a long time as an Asian American, especially as one currently in an interracial relationship”

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  1. By the end of the second episode, you really like Kat as a character! Excited to see the rest when they come out. 🙂