Tomorrow is Preview Night For Bindlestiff Studio’s STORIES HIGH XVII. This annual showcase brings forth a culmination of three different workshops merging together for these upcoming nine nights of performances. All six one-act plays were created by playwrights who took part in the STORIES HIGH writing workshop, will be performed by actors who took the STORIES HIGH acting workshop, and are guided by directors who took the STORIES HIGH directing workshop.

This long-running workshop series is part of what makes Bindlestiff Studio – the only permanent theater for Filipino and Filipino American performing arts in the United States – so very special indeed. While the theater puts on a number of amazing productions year round, STORIES HIGH is the one that really shows the creativity that exists within the Filipino American community in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has opened doors for a lot of artists; not just for those who’re aspiring, but even for those who find their talent through participating in the showcase. People who have never acted before have made their acting debuts through participating in STORIES HIGH. Writers who never realized they could write get to experience their stories coming alive onstage. Just to hit it even harder on the nose, the director of the play that I wrote hasn’t had a lot of prior experience in directing, and yet I am so impressed with the creative decisions he and the cast have made for it.

Bindlestiff Studio is a non-profit organization that, above all else, wants to nurture talents from the community; regardless of whether they’re brand new to their chosen craft or have been doing it all their life. In a time where such a presence isn’t as evident in the mainstream entertainment industry, it’s nice to have both the space and the opportunities to just run wild with creativity and celebrate the artists of the Filipino American community.

While Preview Night for STORIES HIGH XVII is free to attend, the remaining eight performances are not. If you are (or will be) in the Bay Area at all between August 31st and September 16th, you can buy your tickets for the showcase here.