This is a wonderful story of the love and duty of a child to their mother and is a true reflection of what we call “filial piety”. A courier in South West (Chengdu) China has been taking his mum on his electric bike whilst he works and makes deliveries. He does so because his elderly mother has Alzheimer’s and is unable to be alone for long periods of time. His name is Cai Yujun and he is 52 years old and he actually modified his bike so that his mother 92-year-old Yang Suxiu can have more of a comfortable seat behind him. It is really sweet and it shows how the rest of us have ways to go in showing the respect which is due to our own parents. SCMP continues this story:

Yang was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s seven years ago and can longer take care of herself, according to the report.

“Mother has laboured her whole life for our family. So no matter how hard life is, I cannot shirk my responsibility for taking care of her,” Cai told the website.

The pair have travelled to every corner of the city together, and the report said Cai always holds his mother’s hand when delivering products to prevent her from getting lost.

Cai’s colleagues and friends have also helped out by keeping an eye on her when she cannot follow her son into some of the buildings he visits.

“Many friends like to chat and joke with her,” Cai added.

Reading this story really pulls at my heart strings as it shows the love and duty this son has to his mother. Nice story, don’t you think?

Images via SCMP

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