The Huffington Post did a spotlight on Democratic candidate Gina Ortiz Jones, who is running for a Congressional seat to represent Texas. She is trying to unseat two-term Representative Will Hurd (R). She’s got her work cut out for her, as Hurd has the advantage, not only as the incumbent but with a war chest of $870,000 in cash on hand compared to Jones’ $74,000. Jones has to also run against 3 other Democrats in a Primary runoff on March 6.

Not only would Jones be the first Asian and Filipino American to represent her district in Texas, career civil servant and war vet would also be the first openly gay person to occupy that office as well. After serving in the Air Force in Iraq under George W Bush, she segued into a being an intelligence officer under Barack Obama. When Trump won the Presidency, Jones was disappointed but felt she could continue being a public servant and represent the U.S. under the new President.

However, by June of this year, she couldn’t take it anymore — Trump’s plans to gut education and housing aid hit too close to home for her especially, since she relied on reduced-cost school lunches and subsidized housing (aka the safety net) when she was a kid being raised by a single mom in San Antonio. She was also dismayed at Trump’s hires for top jobs.

More from Huffington Post:

“The type of people that were brought in to be public servants were interested in neither the public nor the service,” Jones, 36, said in an interview. “That, to me, was a sign that I’m going to have to serve in a different way.”

She found a new way to serve: She’s running for Congress. Jones has never run for office before, and if she wins, she would make history as the first lesbian, Iraq War veteran and first-generation Filipina-American to hold a U.S. House seat in Texas. Her hometown district, Texas’ 23rd, has also never been represented by a woman.

Jones wouldn’t have been able to grow up healthy or get an education without the opportunities she got from the federal government, she said. The only reason she could afford college, she added, was that she got a four-year Air Force ROTC scholarship — and it infuriates her to see politicians try to take away those chances for others.

“Talent is universal. Opportunity is not,” she said. “Folks in Congress, they do three things. They create opportunities, they protect opportunities and they erase opportunities. That’s how we have to be thinking about this very plainly.”

Although she may be a long shot, it’s great to see qualified, passionate people compelled to run for office because of Trump and the GOP’s asinine policies.

To read more, head over to The Huffington Post: She Quit Working For Trump. Now She’s Running For Congress To Fight Him.


  1. It’s about time to change some ridiculous policies and help our young generations to achieve their dreams.