Here is the best way to spread the fear and xenophobia about the Chinese in the West, targeted at Chinese international students. There is seriously no stop, nor any boundaries to this spreading of fear about China and about its people. FBI Director CHRIS WRAY made such a claim and stated to Congress that Chinese students in the USA may be spying and collecting intelligence for the Chinese Government. Before I add my 2 cents worth, here are a few excerpts from the Daily Beast:

Wray’s comments came during the Senate intelligence committee’s annual open hearing on the greatest threats to the country. A host of Intelligence Community leaders shared a litany of concerns about dangers from around the globe. Then Sen. Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, asked Wray about “the counterintelligence risk posed to U.S. national security from Chinese students, particularly those in advanced programs in science and mathematics.”

Wray took it from there.

“The use of non-traditional collectors, especially in the academic setting—whether it’s professors, scientists, students—we see in almost every field office that the FBI has around the country,” he said. “It’s not just in major cities. It’s in small ones as well, it’s across basically every discipline. And I think the level of naivete on the part of the academic sector about this creates its own issues.”

What’s more, Wray added, the Bureau is actively investigating some Chinese government-backed groups that facilitate dialogues between Chinese and American academics. It was a rare revelation of active FBI investigations—one that drew pointed criticism from Asian-American advocacy and student groups.

OCA-Asian Pacific American Advocates, a group that works on issues related to Asian American and Pacific Islanders, said in a statement that they found Wray’s comments “dishonest and insulting.”

“It is dangerous and irresponsible for him to accuse many individuals seeking a higher education, or to contribute to their field of study, of spying,” the statement said.

“His remarks only further insinuates that Chinese and Chinese Americans continue to be treated racially profiled as perpetual foreigners in the intelligence community,” the statement continued.

And Jason Li, who heads Stanford’s Asian American Students Association, also criticized the comments.

“We strongly denounce Director Wray’s comments, which fall in line with a long history of targeting, vilifying, and scapegoating immigrants under the cloak of national security,” he said in a statement. “International students are our friends, our colleagues, and our family…This overreach of national security harms our communities, and we condemn Wray’s statements in our fight against racial profiling and discrimination.”

The FBI declined to comment on a request for additional details about Wray’s comments. A spokesperson for Rubio did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Wray isn’t the first FBI official to raise concerns about Chinese government activity and medical research.

John C. Yang, who heads Asian Americans Advancing Justice, called the whole interchange an affront to the American way.

“We cannot have every Chinese student or scientist assumed guilty until proven innocent of a national security threat,” he said. “We understand there is a real threat coming out of China, but expect that top-notched intelligence agencies have better tools to rely on than racial profiling every Chinese person coming to America.”

My 2 cents worth? As usual this is the US pedaling such hate and fear and we can see this repeated in other Western and European countries. Again, I will echo this point which I have made many times, that we East Asians are categorised as “the Chinese” and will be victims of this hate and xenophobia together with Chinese international students. This is why I say we must be strong and more united in this and call out Governments who keep pedaling this fear and harboring their own RACIST ideas. Of course you do not have to be pro Chinese Government to call out this hate, but be pro Chinese people and be pro Asian. I can only imagine how these type of comments by Wray will impact on Chinese students in America and all over the world.

I will leave it here, but let us know what y’all think…

Image via The Daily Beast

To read the entire article, please click on: FBI Director’s Shock Claim: Chinese Students May Pose Threat


  1. they will look for a new enemy once their russia conspiracy theory fails to materialize.