In honor of STAR TREK DAY, we flashback on this Friday to Offender Anderson’s November 2016 blog where he counted down his choices for the top 5 Asian characters in the STAR TREK Universe. His #5 choice was STAR TREK: VOYAGER’s Harry Kim (played by Garrett Wang):

Harry Kim was wet-behind-the-ears and newly matriculated from Starfleet Academy when he joined the U.S.S. Voyager’s crew. In a way, he is the prototypical Asian American overachiever, who has overbearing parents, he excelled in all subjects, he plays a classical instrument, and he was personally requested by Captain Katherine Janeway to join her crew.

Harry Kim could’ve turned out to be a total overprotected bore with no life experience, but Garrett Wang’s performance made him the “heart of the show,” one can argue. On one end, he was a by-the-book, no rules broken hall monitor of a Starfleet officer, but he also performed above and beyond the call of duty and deeply cared for his shipmates. Wang made him noble and a little too earnest, but not to the extreme of say, Wesley Crusher, who would endanger the Enterprise every other episode because of some stupid science experiment.

One of the best Harry Kim episodes is “Timeless,” which tells the story of an older Chakotay and Kim who were able to make it back to Earth from the Delta Quadrant using the slipstream tech that Kim developed. However, this led to the apparent destruction of the Enterprise, until they find the ship frozen in space ice. But, we also find out that they’re fugitives and they’re being pursued by a federation starship led by Captain Geordi LaForge!

Garrett Wang as Harry Kim

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