Here is a sad story and one which affects our fellow Asian community and a fellow uncle to all of us ( even if we do not know him, he is our uncle).¬†Hieu “Charlie” Ly, was a 57 year old liquor store owner and father of 4 from San Jose. He was shot dead during a robbery in his store on Monday.

ABC News 7 continues the story on this tragedy:

The 911 call came in at 10:53 Monday night from Jim’s Liquor Mart on South White and Quimby Roads in San Jose. A man was shot and killed inside.

“My son woke me up at midnight and said my brother had been shot,” said Hao Ly, brother.

Hao Ly arrived at the scene with several other family members, his brother, 57-year-old Hieu Ly, better known as Charlie Ly is a husband, father of four sons, a long-time San Jose resident and small business owner. Today he’s also San Jose’s most recent homicide victim.

Charlie and his wife were working the store together last night. Hao Ly talked with her about what happened.

“My brother he feeling a little tired, he laid on the floor inside the counter. His wife stands there and the guy came over, put the mask on, and asked her to open the cash register. She gave him money,” said Hao Ly.

Charlie Ly has owned Jim’s Liquor Mart for more than a decade and worked long hours. He’s been robbed before and is known for chasing off wannabe shoplifters. Last night, the armed, masked man pulled the trigger.

“He stood up. He said no and the guy shot him in the chest,” said Hao Ly.

What a tragedy, and one which should not have happened. I hope that the police will catch the robber and murderer and bring justice to Uncle Ly.

Images via ABC News 7

To read the full article, please click on: Father of 4 killed in shooting at liquor store in San Jose


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