It’s true that I really don’t watch much TV and remain clueless about a lot of the shows on the air, but why had I never heard about the new Syfy series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files until last night?! ‘Cause I am here to declare in print (or whatever declaring something on the web counts as) that it is the greatest show to ever exist on television! And one of the things that makes the show awesome is one of its six hosts…photography expert Chi-Lan Lieu who I will now also declare to be the hottest woman on television.

The reason I’m surprised I didn’t know about this series (which premiered last month) is because Chi-Lan is Chinese American and I don’t remember reading about her or the show on any of the numerous Asian American blogs or sites I frequent. This is strange in that usually even if an Asian face appears for one second in some commercial, the blogosphere will pick up the story for all of Asian America to digest. Now, it’s possible someone has written about Chi-Lan and/or this new show, but since I don’t remember reading anything and I’m too lazy to do a google search, let’s just assume I am correct and no one has (come on, Angry Asian Man, if you don’t blog about something, it means it doesn’t exist in Asian America).

But why is this show so awesome?

Because unlike most of the other supernatural-based reality shows where everyone seems so eager to believe, there’s a heavy-dose of skepticism. This is a show that also wants to believe, but is unwilling to be so easily swayed. There’s more of a Muldar and Scully balance as opposed to most other programs that are pure Muldar (FYI, that’s an X-Files reference for the non-geeks). I dig Fact or Faked’s yin and yang quality; its Mythbusters approach to the paranormal.

The premise of the series is simple, the six members of the Fact or Faked team meet in the Situation Room, which resembles an old fire house converted into an Ikea showroom. Each member pitches a potential paranormal case (usually a viral video from the internet) and everyone votes on the cases worth investigating. Then, they go off in teams to either prove or disprove what’s in the video. Here’s a promo that gives you a feel for the show:

Which brings me to Chi-Lan. As much as I’ve repeatedly shared my lust for the Megan Foxes of the world on this blog, I have to say that for me, the one quality that really makes a woman incredibly hot is knowing that she’s smarter than me. It’s like playing basketball against Michael Jordan or acting in a scene with Marlon Brando—they’re going to bring out the best in you because they are better than you. I think that’s sexy!

And watching Chi-Lan busting out her knowledge on this show is definitely hot! The team will be sitting around talking about some video of an unidentified “animal” and she’ll just throw down a random fact like how 20,000+ previously unknown species are discovered every year or she’ll go on about how a photo showing an alleged lake monster might have been faked. She’s like that perfect Asian girl everyone had in class who was gorgeous, got straight “A”s, head cheerleader, class president—but she never seemed to be dating anyone and no one really knew about her personal life which made her even more hot because she was mysterious and unattainable.

What I also dig about Chi-Lan can be summed up in these lines from her bio on the show’s website:

Chinese-American Chi-Lan is torn between skepticism and true belief. Her Buddhist upbringing gives her a “different from the norm” perspective on the cultural and faith-based aspects of the paranormal.

Based on the two episodes I’ve seen, she does seem to best embody the show’s core “conflict” of belief vs. skepticism. This could be due to her bi-culturalism as her bio suggests or maybe…ah, to hell with it—she’s just friggin’ hot! Damnit, I don’t need to justify it any other way. Sorry to all of you who wasted your time reading this far because this should have seriously only been a four word blog: Chi-Lan is smoking hot!

But I’ll leave you with a clip from the show so you can check her out in action. In this episode, the team investigates a house in Los Angeles where some supernatural entity allegedly resides. If you ask the spirit a question and then take a Polaroid picture, words are said to appear in the photo answering your question. As this is a photo-based investigation, you can see how Chi-Lan really takes charge here:


Oh, and for anyone who’s interested, here’s the rest of the team:

(UPDATE 11-12-10: Read Chi-Lan’s Guest Offender blog about BigFoot and karaoke here.)


  1. I love how this post is filed under “Wet and Juicy.” Mmmm, Chi-Lan. Actually, I feel kinda icky saying that because I have a cousin named Chi-Lan.

  2. I, too, LOVE women who are smarter than me. Tres sexy!

    Of course, that means there are LOTS of women to dream about….

  3. Yeah, she’s hot, but why is she leaning on the white guy in the picture? Makes her look…I don’t know…weak.

  4. @Howard, she’s not weak. She just knows that white dudes make the best arm rest.

  5. “come on, Angry Asian Man, if you don’t blog about something, it means it doesn’t exist in Asian America”
    lol It’s true!

    And I can’t stop myself from nitpicking this: it’s Mulder. So very sorry. You know how we geeks are.

  6. I’m torn about women who are super smart AND super sexy. On the one hand, I grumble, because God isn’t supposed to give from both hands. It’s just not fair to the rest of us mortals. On the other hand, I get goose pimples thinking evolution has just shown us humanity 2.0.

  7. Chi-Lan is as you say HOT and SMART. I hope that her career leads to ever more opportunities for her to spread her wings and bring her stunning beauty and immense talents forward.

  8. Ha, Chi-Lan is not only hot and smart, but uber-cool. I mean, most AA’s in TV will change their name to something more mainstream, but she kept it real. I know she is cool because she is my neighbor!!! LMK if you want me to date it up for you.

  9. Just saw Chi-Lan as the hostess of the HGTV show “House Hunters” tonight. I thought, that can’t be the same lady, but it is. So is she really a photography expert, or a tv host for random shows?

  10. Chi-Lan Lieu has the personality of a plate of Lima beans. She comes across as rehearsed, fake, and stiff. She has a constant appearance of being an oversized hand puppet.
    She is very unattractive, face-wise. Her body is OK. Author “Philip” has his opinion, which is low on the validity scale.
    For commenter “Howard” who states “…why is she leaning on the white guy in the picture?” — Grow a pair and deal with your prejudice. While using the term “white man” isn’t racist in itself, the context in which you use it, is. This coming from someone who HATES the misusage of the terms: racist, racial, et al. Quit being so fearful and frail.

  11. Wow, previous poster is definitely wrong about Chi-Lan being unattractive, although that is his or her personal opinion. I think she has a very pretty face, and an awesome body, with a really gorgeous bottom!

    She’s also really enthusiastic, especially faced with some boring as hell topics like doing a report on RVs. I have to give her respect for that.

  12. The blind hatred of the white man gets you nowhere. She is leaning on him to give the pic a little extra. She is hot for sure but may not dig the racist attitudes in this thread. Peace.

  13. I agree with everything Jack says.

  14. Fact or Faked, The Asian girl or Chi-Lan is one of the worst hosts on the show! Her reactions to footage is so over-the-top and faker than the footage they investiagte! I am not the only one that feels this way. I have heard many people voice the same opinion. Chi-Lan just plain sucks and needs to take acting lessons. Also, her photography credintials are non-existing. I am a photographer and so are many of my friends and we have noticed that she seems scared when handling equipment. Get rid of this chick!

  15. She’s leaning on him because she has the hots for him..most Asian women have the hots for white guys.

  16. Alot of these comments sound like reverse racism and hateful jealousy!! She is a human being! If peolple keep thinking about what race someone is and what race is better than this whole world is doomed.. Get over race pride! This crap pisses me off! Why don’t you just try to be proud of being a frickin HUMAN BEING! And try to be a good person and not a hateful jealous peace of crap! You all that hate other races and hate some of your own should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m sure most of your ancestors are ashamed right now looking down on you!

  17. You guys are killing me! Many of you are turning this conversation into something absurd and ridiculous. Chi-Lan is a most attractive very interesting woman on a TV show. Of course she “acts” to some degree. However, if you pay just a little attention you can clearly see the real person. I like Fact or Faked as a show. Sure, it could be better in some ways but it is a step in the right direction. It attempts to inject a real sense of skepticism and a semi-science based approach as they bring these “mysteries” to our attention. In my view, Chi-Lan is “hot” and “interesting”! I’m looking forward to seeing more of her on future shows.

  18. I just don’t get how people think Chi-Lan is so hot, and don’t mention a word about the other female host, (Jael De Pardo) who is 110% hotter BY FAR! Jael makes Chi-Lan look like the ugly step-sister!

  19. Hi
    miss you in the show i’m saddddddd watched the show and you have the knowhow miss ya please replease the terror 🙂

  20. Ps Ch-ilan you rule,tel me i kick all their asses 🙂

  21. Chi-Lan is NOT attractive. FACT!

  22. LOL the author and you guys are gay lol, its crazy that she was allowed to remove the info that she released when she was working at g4tv. But when she was there someone on there message board asked if she was a man. She ignored it for awhile citing privacy but eventually she came out and said she used to be a dude but got a sex change and that it doesnt define her as a person. LOL it may not define her but i bet you she has strong hands and a strong face for a reason,….. Dudes look at the hands

  23. And why can’t she lean on him…maybe they are friends??? When did it become illegal to have a friend of another race.