I’ve started up a podcast with my buddy Christopher Morrison: “Elevating The Genre” in which we discuss nerd/superhero/science-fiction/film/TV that goes above and beyond, and sometimes behind, what genre is expected to do. 

Here’s us on ROBOTECH (the seminal American-hybrid-anime series) in which I call out to YOMYOMF, and Chris gets super-excited to find out about the “Minmay attack” scene that exists in STAR TREK: BEYOND.

Yes, I’m outta frame for a lot of this. It’s ‘cos I mainly want to swing from the chandelier, the chandelier. This podcast, in which we have also covered subjects like Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, “Mighty Whitey” problems in Marvel’s Netflix series, and Chris Claremont’s X-Men, is also subscribe-able at Itunes.

And yes, this is what I look/sound like when I’m being totally, totally sincere and in love with something.