Is this a case of RACISM by the Dutch speed skater? Or is it him feeling jelly that he came second? I will let you be the judge. SJINKIE KNEGT has faced a lot of heat, particularly from Korean Olympic fans for sticking up his middle finger during the Winter Olympics Ceremony for the 1,500m short track speed skating over the weekend.

Knegt won the silver medal when LIM HYO-JUN of Korea won the Gold. When they were on the podium for the medal ceremony, you can see Knegt stick his rude finger towards Lim. He was holding the Winter Olympics mascot plush toy Soohorang (Korean: 수호랑) which all Olympic event winners receive on the night of them winning their sport events. Knegt has denied that he did this, but the questions need to be asked as you can clearly see his middle finger aimed towards the Gold medalist – the Korean.

The reason why this has become a big thing is because he has done this before. Back in 2014, at the European Championships, where Knegt was caught sticking up his 2 middle fingers at Russian VIKTOR AHN (who was not competing at this Olympics due to Russia’s doping ban) who is of Korean descent. Knegt came 2nd to Ahn at that event in the finals and was stripped of his medals for sticking his fingers up. So the question is, considering he has a trend of doing this before did he do this again?

This was in 2014 European Championships with Russian Korean VIKTOR AHN winning the event.

This is what Knegt stated to the media about this year’s middle finger situation:

“It looked like I put up the middle finger. It’s not intended.
“I just looked very bad in the photo, but it was not on purpose. I was just holding the medal.”

My take is yes yes yes! I can’t see how you can accidentally stick that finger out and it is no coincidence that the 2 times it has happened it was towards competitors who are of Korean background. Racist? I say yes, but I will leave it here and allow you to make that decision/judgement yourselves.

Let us know what y’all think…

Images via The Sun

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