Here is another sick POS from Europe which needs to be locked up with the key thrown for life because he is a sick and disgusting paedophile. 51-year-old Reinold K. from Coevorden, Netherlands was arrested from his home in Thailand where he has lived for 13 years for sexually abusing underage children in Thailand. At the time of his arrest, he was in the company of a 10 year old boy. According to Dutch media reports he was suspected of child sex abuses in the Netherlands, but was never officially convicted. Dutch media outlet NL Times continues this story:

The Dutch man is being charged with sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 15, and taking the minor from his parents for paid sex. He is also suspected of recording the sexual abuse and selling the recordings to his friends. Further investigation must reveal whether that is correct. The Thai police found bodily fluids on bedding and blankets in his home. They also seized sex toys, two computers, two tablets, numerous memory cards and CDs from the house – a villa located in Hua Hin, a resort about 2.5 hours’ drive from Bangkok. According to the detectives, he regularly brought underage boys to his home.

Reinold K. moved to Thailand 13 years ago and works in the real estate sector. On a platform for holiday home rentals, the Dutch man writes that he’s been renting out holiday homes of Dutch owners for eight years. He writes that he speaks Thai quite well and knows the local culture, according to the newspaper. “So I can provide you with all the information.”

My personal opinion is that this guy is a POS and why is it that no one picked up while he was in Thailand there there were records of him from his home country of Netherlands on suspicion of child sex abuses. My feel is that he left the Netherlands and felt superior enough that he knew he could probably get away in Thailand for it and exploit poor and impoverished Thai kids. Sick POS…

Images via NL Times and NU

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