Another sick pervert and POS in Asia sexually harassing and assaulting women. This comes to us from Taiwan. An American man known only by his first name “Joseph” has been caught on CCTV footage at Taipei’s Zhongshan MRT (metro/subway) on January 2nd for groping women’s breasts and butts. He has been arrested for violating the Sexual Harassment Prevention Act in Taiwan. He was apparently drunk – even though this is no excuse in my honest opinion.

He can be seen in the CCTV footage near the exit of the MRT. When a woman approaches, he corners her so she cant escape then tries his groping BS. Taiwan News continues this report:

According to a TVBS report, he then groped her breasts and then put her in a bear hug, terrified, she quickly reported him to the police. When police brought him into Taipei’s Datong Precinct police station, he reeked of alcohol, continued to consume an alcoholic beverage, and continuously ranted in English for four hours, shouting obscenities like “F**k you Japan!” and “F**k you Korea!” reported Liberty Times.

According to an initial police investigation, the man had exited the Zhongshan MRT Station at 3 p.m., after which he reportedly verbally and physically harassed at least one man and four women. After five hours, he was still too intoxicated to make a coherent statement to police and the Foreign Affairs Police team has been dispatched to assist with translation.

Thus far, two female students have come forward to press charges against him for sexual harassment after he grabbed their breasts and buttocks, for which he has been sent to the prosecutor’s office and the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) (the de facto U.S. embassy in Taiwan) has been notified.

My 2 cents worth? Another sick POS pervert/predator in Asia sexually harassing/assaulting women. We keep seeing this BS regularly and it just disgusts me that we keep reading about this type of predatory behavior. It will be interesting to see how Taiwan police and justice system deals with him and I hope its a lengthy jail time. 

Anyways, let us know what y’all think…

Images via Taiwan News

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