Okay, so this is very disturbing, and it makes you question why some people do not have any humanity and common decency within them. The SCMP reports that a driver in Southern China has been accused of murdering a 9 year old girl, after he initially hit her by accident. In a bid to avoid paying any compensation such as medical bills he murdered her. The SCMP continues this story:

The girl’s father told Chutian Metropolis Daily, that his daughter, identified only by her surname Tao, had been reported missing from the village of Shaling in Hubei province on November 25.

The girl’s body was later found by police in a bush near where she lived.

A witness told the father that he saw a man putting a young girl in his white car and taking her away at noon.

The witness also provided information about the car’s type and where it was registered, since car licence plates begin with the province and city code in China.

A suspect, surnamed He, was arrested by police on November 27 and admitted the killing, Hebei Daily reported on Thursday.

The driver was reported to have said he accidentally hit the child while driving through the village and was afraid he would face high medical bills.

The newspaper also said he told police he had taken her to farmland where he killed her and then dumped the body.

Police said the case was under investigation.

This is really terrible and again it makes you question the humanity in people and how can someone be so heartless and callous to not help a young kid who was hit but allegedly murder her to avoid paying compensation… seriously???

Anyways, I hope young Tao will rest in peace!~ Please feel free to let us know your thoughts!

Image via SCMP

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