The problem of violence in all countries is one of the most commonly disputed because it is essential. This problem is no exception for the Asian-American community as well. The story of Christine Lee is another proof of that.
The woman still remembers with horror all the abuses she had to suffer. The most stressful detail about her case is that the violence came from her beloved. At first, there was only some sort of emotional pressure. Within some time, that pressure redoubled and Christine lived under it without any happiness in her life. Afterward, there took place the first physical abuse. Her beloved started strangling her so that she could hardly a breather. She lost the consciousness numerous times. This was the first critical signal to put such relationships to an end.
Currently, Lee works at the Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF), which functions in Los Angeles. This is a specially organized partnership, which deals with domestic violence and sexual assault in Asian and Pacific Islander communities. It gave Lee the opportunity to share her story with others so that other people realized how cruel life may become. During her confession, she found that it was actually difficult to reveal that she had been through. Nonetheless, the woman understands the reality of our life and is ready to help other women who experienced acts of violence in the U.S.A.
The statistic says that at least one out of four women in the U.S.A. had been through physical violence induced by an intimate partner. If commenting the statistic for Asian Americans the figure will be even higher. It varies between 21 to 55 percent. Such statistic is terrifying. The work of organizations similar to CPAF steps out of the crowd because it may help to overcome the horrible feelings from the acts of violence, as well as prevent most of them.
Its founder, Nilda Rimonte, a Filipino-American, realized the horrible tendency on the 1970s and decided to establish her institution. The center functions 24 hours round the clock to constantly provide hotline support for all who are in need. The violence survivors may even get the emergency shelter and get a transitional program. Such options are really important and have already helped lots of women.
One of the prerogatives of this center is to raise the awareness through education. Of course it has nothing to deal with such agencies like https://buyessayonline.com/ . The truth is that many women endure for many years until they start doing something to help themselves. There are cases when women endured domestic violence from 5 to 15 years in a row. Such time periods are the real horrors for anybody. They suffered for such long time with a bright hope that could rescue their marriage.
The workers of CPAF are convinced that any physical violence must be stopped immediately. With this purpose, they consult all Asian and Pacific Islanders. Being armed with the proper knowledge, most women prevent the cruelty at once.
Such organizations are needed, as they are really helpful and productive.