Yes, I am aware of the controversy that flared around a tweet sent out by the Colbert Report yesterday. Here’s the “offending” tweet in question if you don’t know what I’m referring to:


The tweet was taken from a piece that Stephen Colbert aired on his late night show Wednesday night poking fun at Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder on the controversy over his team’s name. Of course, some folks were outraged by the tweet in question and that was enough to let fly accusations of racism and a call for Colbert’s show to be cancelled, which led to a backlash against those who were outraged with more racist and sexist tweets and…yes, I’m bored of it already.

Oh, did I also mention our favorite “I can be Asian when it suits my purposes” pundit Michelle Malkin even got in the act, in support against Colbert:


Now, originally, I had no intention of blogging on this topic, but since the issue seems to have blown up way out of proportion and I don’t want to personally respond to all the “hey, you gonna blog about this?” messages in my inbox, let me just say this—can we try to shake things up a little at least and not be so predictable and…yes, boring? Really, that’s all I ask.

I get the tweet was sent out without any context, but I also understand Colbert’s talk show is a satire of a talk show hosted by a clueless Republican pundit so if we’re going to throw accusations of racism at something that sounds racist from someone who’s parodying someone who sounds racist, can we at least be clever about it—you know, approach it with humor and/or satire or something else besides—OMG, evil racists, let’s get the show cancelled?! And BTW, if you’re looking for intelligent political satire on American TV, you can’t beat Colbert so maybe you should—I don’t know—watch it sometime before you go all crazy?

And same goes for the trolls—so you’re going to accuse those you think are overreacting and can’t take a joke by insulting them by calling them chinks, whores, gooks, bitches and wishing rape and other atrocities on them? When it comes to overreacting—black kettle meet black pot. Again, you’re just as predictable as those who get upset at every perceived slight against our people. Give us something new and different—if you’re going to be racist, sexist, homophobic and whatever else—doing it with wit or humor will make it at least interesting.

All I’m asking is if we’re going to keep up this same ole song-and-dance over and over again, at least give us a different song and dance next time. ‘Cause I got other things to do—like write about the latest Japanese sex robot innovation.


  1. I had no idea about this. I don’t have cable. And I’m sure a publicity stunt like this will still not garner any Asian viewership for the Comedy Central show. Sorry, thems the beans. Asian Americans usually don’t have a sense of humor. They are mostly gullible, paranoid, and incredibly passive. That’s why they never learned to build their own identities, and when they think they do, it’s just a copy of something mainstream. Therefore, they don’t know how to express themselves. Therefore, they have no understanding of sarcasm and humor. But take this, though: a 3-minute YouTube video consisting of farting would be quite enriching for them.

  2. Eh. 4.1 on the originality scale.

  3. @eastfist line to the gloryhole is long again? i suggest u set 7 min ahead. peace bro.

  4. @haha Do you think Asians watch The Colbert Report or even The Daily Show, especially on a regular basis?

  5. The premise of Colbert’s joke was “Racism against Native Americans is just as bad as racism against Asians!” It fails because it assumes that racism against Asians is somehow less socially acceptable than racism against Native Americans. People who are racist against Native Americans are, for the most part, also racist against Asians. The reason white comedians often fail with racial comedy is because they simply repeat stereotypes and cliches. They mean to mock the stereotype itself rather than the people but they fail to put it into their words.

  6. I get the joke, but the deeper “point” would be lost on real racists. A racist who doesn’t think “redskins” is offensive also doesn’t give a rat’s ass about racial slurs and terms about asians. To a racist, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with redskin just as there wouldn’t be anything wrong with “Ching Chong”. If people really wanted to be “politically INcorrect” and comedically “edgy”, then how about coming up with something offensive towards white people to show what would be on equal standing of offensiveness? How about saying something like white guys are pedophiles? Or white guys are rapists? Or white guys have the complexion of bird shit? Maybe then would it be clear that perhaps native Americans and Asians don’t really take kindly when berated as they always have been.
    And if you take any offense to any of these suggestions for white guys, how about you take some of your own advice and learn to take a joke or stop being politically incorrect or stop being so goddamn oversensitive.

  7. You people are too fu%$#@ sensitive & just want something to be pissed of about. It’s called comedy, its a comedy show, if you take anything on that show serious, then you’re F7^%$# STUPID!.and by the way, if you ever get offended by what you see on the tv, there’s a couple of buttons there on the tel-lie-vision that can fix that. One is to change the channel the other is the off button, you don’t have to keep watching anything you don’t like of find offensive……..Stupid!

  8. How many years has it been since the “liberal” Sarah Silverman made the “I love the Chinks” statement? And we’re REALLY doing this all over again?

    The problem isn’t Asians don’t have a sense of humor and aren’t creative, but the continued marginalization and denigration that’s socially accepted because of the lack of spines by Asians.

    Even in this blog, notice the racist terms used by Philip. Whereas “whores” and “bitches” aren’t pejorative in the same context and can sometimes be used as terms of endearment. I’ve not heard of ANY Asian idiots calling themselves “Chinks” or “gooks” except for sensationalist sellout filmmakers.

    And let’s use the old favorite game of comparing it to the black, Jews, gays and Latino community: would Philip here or Colbert use any of the denigrating terms against those groups?

    Once agian, it’s because of the whoriental sellouts with their self-hating movies that enables the mainstream racists to perpetuate the evil hate.

  9. Bandalero,

    lol, thanks for responding in that typical redneck way. Look how angry you are over a couple of nobodies on the internet. You act like “we” need to take the joke and it’s “we” who need to switch the t.v. off if we don’t like or hear what we see. Meanwhile, people like you will actually take a show off the air, have a script changed, get rid of the “liberal” voices on radio while continuing to complain and complain even though you have nothing really to complain about. White people make a LIVING off of complaining. Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Seth McFarlane get their own t.v. shows getting to complain about anything under and beyond the sun. Adam Corolla gets his own spots on the radio making up lists of things he likes to complain about. So, “Bandalero”, I don’t think you’re in any position to tell the asian-american community what or what they can’t say, especially when it’s in response to slurs and terms that haven’t been addressed for ages.
    As crazy mmer pointed out, would the daring and comedically edgy Colbert been willing to say a joke like “Fudge Packers” or “Christ Killers”?
    Nah, they wouldn’t. Viewers like you are okay with “offensive” jokes as long as they’re about asians.

  10. White people get offended so easily that they’ll spending their waking hours hacking asian-american sites that dare to share thoughts outside of the media-brainwashed masses.

  11. I’m white and I’m not offended. So, asians and asian-americans should have the right and freedom to say how they feel about racist terms and slurs.

  12. I’m white and I’m a product of incest and have nothing else to do except to hack marginalized APIA websites like MM.com when I’m not out in the farm shed raping the sheep and horses.

  13. And another thing, as soon as white people stop bitching about how the movie “Noah” isn’t a close enough representation of biblical “history” (aka fiction), then we’ll consider not speaking up when spat upon time and time again. Otherwise, suck it.

  14. @Razerok, MM.com is back online again so let’s take the bar brawl to more civilized pastures. lol

  15. That’s good news, crazymmer. Guess we’ll give these blind ass sheep a break.

  16. It’s satire. It’s humor being used to show how racism and racist language is used to try and muddy the waters. The words are being used to show how hollow Dan Snyder’s actions are, by showing that the name of his football team is racist and if you establish a fund that’s supposed to help a minority group but still call your business by a racist name, you’re a hypocrite.
    There I had to explain it.
    The object of the humor was the the racists who used offensive terms not the people being called the name. OK?
    This is the context of the joke.
    I told my son and he laughed we both did. And yes we are Asian and we get it.
    Let me repeat the language is used to show the ignorance of racists not to ridicule Asians. Watch Elliot Chang’s youtube bit about things not to say to Asians. He repeats common insults or stereotypes said to Asians and it’s funny in the same way. Context is everything.

  17. @Razorek, the problem with these sheeps is that they get raped by white pedophiles.

    @Phil, by the same argument why isn’t the “target” and slurs used are against blacks, Latinos, gays and Jews? that would have much more impact.

    you know the real reason, stop being an apologist whoriental

  18. For the umpteenth time, we get the joke. It’s easy to get. It’s just not that funny and it’s obviously afraid of messing with the bigger threat. It’s like someone getting mad at me because I didn’t find their joke about why a chicken crossed the road funny. And then it’s like that joke teller throwing a tantrum while trying to explain Glen Beck-style on why I should find that joke funny.
    Again, if the writers and Colbert truly wanted to be comedically edgy, how about saying something referring to a “Redneck Hick Pedophile” team? After all, the true secondary target isn’t really rednecks or white people, right?
    I’m going to give you one more analogy, so listen carefully. Let’s say you see a bully punch a kid at school. So, in order to teach that bully a lesson, you punch an innocent passerby. But, not just some random passerby. You make sure you take that opportunity to punch some guy you don’t like. And then you get on your high horse and tell the whole campus how brilliant you are for teaching that bully a lesson.
    Only a pussy with an ulterior motive would try and pull that off.
    Here is how enlightened asians would’ve taken care of that bully situation. We see a bully punch a kid. We punch that bully back. See? More effective.
    What is really f’d up here is that Phil has a son. Way to raise him to be a pussified kowtowing bitch.