Last year, I had blogged about dictator fashion after it was declared in the Rodong Sinmun Communist Party newspaper that Kim Jong Il’s suits had become a “global fashion phenomenon.“

Unfortunately 2011 was a bad year for all those following the autocrat runway.  We lost two out of three of our despot trendsetters.  And even Fidel Castro has stepped out of the limelight into retirement.

Kim Jong Il’s successor, Kim Jong Un, clearly is not ready to take over the legacy of fashion icon that his father left behind.  The navy blue drubs that Kim Jong Un has chosen to sport simply blend in with his fellow statesmen.

Take this picture below as an example. Kim Jong Il clearly knew how to stand out from the crowd with his sporty shades and taupe-colored jumpsuit, while Un looks like he’s still wearing his XXL high school uniform.

Meanwhile, with Fidel in retirement, his brother Raul Castro clearly has no dictator panache whatsoever.  He looks like somebody’s grandfather, not some crazy militarist.  No more green caps and fatigues, no more Adidas jumpsuits.   One can hardly tell the difference between Cuban dictator, Raul Castro, and former Arizona Governor, Raul Hector Castro.

But perhaps the saddest loss of all to the autocratic fashion world was Gaddaffi. What lunatic oppressor of the masses could possibly fill his shoes with his tasseled epaulettes hanging off his shoulders, the bling pins (representing medals of corruption, perhaps?) and his fresh-off-the-curtain-rod, drapery style.

Let’s take a moment to mourn the death of despot wear.  Alas, these fashionistas who could have graced the covers of their own state-run magazines and called them “In Despot Style,” “H-Elle” or “BIZARRE” are gone from the limelight.  Farewell and adieu.


  1. Wow, in the third picture down, chek out the crazy over use of make-up on the ladies in the back row… looks like they stuck their faces in a bowl of flour or something.

  2. Qaddafi must’ve had to work out daily just to keep up the bulk to carry those fabulous epaulets and medals. Should’ve put some of that energy into finding a new hairdresser.