With the ginormous population in China, in order to be noticed and to become famous, you need to stand out and many young women in China are getting new faces and changing their looks to stand above the rest. Many are heading to online platforms to gain followers/supporters/ fans in the hopes of one day hitting the big leagues. Over 20 social media platforms in China, there are around 6 million online stars/streamers, all doing the usual random shit – you know singing, dancing, talking, eating etc. The Wall Street Journal followed the journey to fame of one young woman in China Deng Qian, who states that:

“Everything above my belly button is fake,”

Deng is not a huge superstar, but does have a decent following on weibo, over 23,000 and is considered as a start up star/low tier. Here are some of the stuff she said to Wall Street Journal:

“Chinese society values a pretty face above anything else,”

“If you’re not pretty, nobody will care about you, and nobody will follow you online.”

Many online stars in China earn huge income by endorsing products during their online video streaming sessions.  Deng expects to earn about 600,000 yuan ($90,000) this year, mainly by marketing cosmetic-surgery procedures online.

I guess this is the price of becoming famous and Asia is starting to get more and more vainer. Is this all about looking more white? Let us know what you think.

Images via Wall Street Journal

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