“Release me from my contract or recast me,” states former wrestler turned action star Dave Bautista, who plays Drax in the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY film franchise, in protest to the recent firing of writer-director James Gunn, who was canned after some unsavory and very un-PC tweets reemerged by a alt-right group in retaliation of Gunn’s very anti-Trump stance on social media.

Bautista made this public statement during an interview for The Short List, where he was promoting an upcoming film.

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Following a critical tweet in which he said it was “nauseating” to work for Disney after Gunn’s removal from the next “Guardians” sequel, Bautista is now threatening to quit the franchise all together if Disney trashes Gunn’s script. The actor spoke to ShortList ahead of the release of his September film “Final Score” and said his focus is now on making sure Gunn’s script is maintained.

“Where I’m at right now is that if [Marvel] don’t use that script, then I’m going to ask them to release me from my contract, cut me out or recast me,” Bautista said. “I’d be doing James a disservice if I didn’t.”

Bautista previously wrote on Twitter that he would only be reprising the role of Drax the Destroying in “Vol. 3″ because of his contract obligation. “I will do what I’m legally obligated to do, but ‘Guardians’ without James Gunn is not what I signed up for,” Bautista said. “‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ without James Gunn just isn’t ‘Guardians of the Galaxy.’”

While there has been wide public support by both the entire GoG cast and fans, it seems unlikely that Gunn will be rehired, according to Variety.