Now before we get into it, no, this is not a music video for the upcoming film adaptation of the Kevin Kwan novel of the same name. Rather, CRAZY RICH ASIANS is a song inspired by the novel. It is rapper DANakaDAN’s second single off his album, ESCAPE FROM LA, which he dropped back in October.

The music video was released last night and – may I say – it is visually stunning! Directed by Charles Gray, Dan raps his way through a fancy dinner with guests galore; some of whom include singer-songwriter David Choi, violinist-dancer Jun Curry Ahn, and Wong Fu co-founders Phil Wang and Wesley Chan. Starring opposite of Dan is actor Jessika Van, who plays a mysterious guest that he is intrigued by.

CRAZY RICH ASIANS is a commentary about the toxic nature of wealth and over consumption. The music video, while maintaining an element of mystery, visually represents that by way of the fancy dinner, the servants in cat masks, the blurred subtitles (possibly representing gossip), and the glitchy effects (possibly representing how we have a tendency to desire we don’t already have).

Once again, just to re-iterate, this song has no affiliation with the upcoming film of the same name… but boy, would it be appropriate for it to be included on the soundtrack!