Eh? This is a thing? On Chinese social media/internet Weibo ‘Heart-shaped Boob Challenge’ was waged. Essentially it invited women to take pictures of themselves cupping one of the boob into a love heart shape. There were more viewers than participants – 1.6 million views with only a handful of participants. 

With Chinese internet censors working overtime, it was quickly deleted, but cached versions are still emerging all over online. 

The Shanghaiist continues this weird craze:

According to What’s on Weibo, the challenge was inspired by Ayi Xi Tai Lǜ, a live-stream host who demonstrated the tricky maneuver to her fans on one of her late-night sessions last month.

Recently, China has been attempting to crack down on the country’s booming live-streaming industry in which camgirls compete to attract viewers by pushing the boundaries of modesty as far as they can.

I personally do not have issues with this, but my concern is how it will/may attract predators as we know these are a lot more common in this day and age.

Anyways, let us know what y’all think…

Images via Shanghaiist

To read the full article, please click on: [NSFW] Extremely risqué ‘Heart-shaped Boob Challenge’ titillates Chinese internet


  1. Did you just fucking pull material from Shanghaiist?

  2. some of those ladies are pinching real hard.

  3. @The Luminator Duh? Read the article. It mentions and links back to the Shanghais article at least three times.