In honor of ROGUE ONE’s opening this week, here are a few recent videos from my Youtube channel dedicated to karaoke culture, a.k.a. KaraokeRhapsody.com. This is Darth Vader karaokeing the Tears For Fears classic “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” (Or The Entire Galaxy) from our excursion to San Francisco ComicCon 2016.

And in loving memory of Glenn, here’s a Walker Zombie from that show that we Asian-Americans can’t in good conscience watch anymore.

And on a lest festive note, here’s Jai Sahai doing Coldplay, posted on the day after the 2016 POTUS election. Was in a somber mood for  that one.

My radically unpopular Youtube channel would really appreciate your subscriptions, likes , shares, comments, and/or massive influxes of cash. JK about thst last part, but not really, (Daddy needs a new editing system and camera rig.) But seriously, social media numbers spikes for KaraokeRhapsody.com / @CosplayKaraoke are all I want for Xmas, and it never hurts to ask. After all, karaoke rhapsodies are built on hope.