As fellow Offender Anderson knows, karaoke is life. So when I heard that San Francisco Comic-Con 2016 would feature not only a guest appearance by Krysten Ritter/Jessica Jones AND a karaoke night with my favorite local karaoke KJ Roger Niner, I quickly set about spending all the monies necessary to get there and video some cosplay-themed karaoke. 

Unfortunately, Krysten Ritter got sick and couldn’t attend (although Emperor Palpatine was in da house). But that didn’t deter us from going to karaoke night as a squad of singing X-Men villains, including Black Queen Selene Dion, White Queen Emily Frost, and Storm-DMC. (My co-blogger on JESSICA JONES, Vicky Vale, dressed as the psychic mutant vampire Selene, and more or less brought the house down.)

Since the departure of WonderCon, the Bay Area’s been flirting with various contenders to be THE major local pop-culture/comic-con, and SF Comic-Con was the first event here staged by these promoters. The hotel hosting the Con was a bit of a maze, but I liked the intimate feel of it, and the cosplay-nerd vibe was hella in force. More, or any, Krysten Ritter woulda been hella nice, tho. 

Here’s a teaser trailer for our upcoming #CosplayKaraoke video series, featuring the Sisterhood of Evil Mutant Singers: