(Director/Writer/Producer): Julia Chang

(Director of Photography/Editor): Forrest Grant Davis

(Main Cast):
The Bachelor … Josh Domingo
Fairy Godfather … Patrick Chang

(Supporting Cast):
Woman at Street Corner/Party … Rebecca Wyzan
Party Host … David Choi
Selfie Woman … Jessica Ritacco
Party Guests … Michael Benzinger, Luz Guillén, Sheena Pradhan, Jak Watson

(Synopsis): A supernatural stranger mysteriously appears in the life of a hapless bachelor to help him improve his luck with women.

(Director’s Statement): One of my goals with this film was to create a quirky comedy that features characters whose backstories are not necessarily revealed, but fun to contemplate—a staple of movies that I love to watch myself. The other was to showcase Asian Americans in roles that we wouldn’t necessarily be considered for in order to prove that we can connect with a wider audience. All it takes is the opportunity to appear in a story that weaves a common human thread—and what better everyman theme is there than wishing we could be luckier in love?

(Director’s Bio): Julia Chang is a NYC–based filmmaker and journalist. She made her first short film in 2014 as part of a shootout competition and has since gone on to make four more shorts. Her second film, 3 Minutes, is an official selection of the 2016 Asian American International Film Festival. Julia is a member of BH2O Productions, an Asian-American filmmakers’ collective based out of NYC.

(Crew and Other Credits):
Sound Mixer … Tim Hodge
Production Assistant … Sofia Kim
Set Decorator … Brandon Palacio
Special Thanks … Ursula Liang, Matthew Chang
“What You Finna Do” by JAM Studio

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  1. i like how the fairy godfather’s gender prefs are metaphorically in the air – it made him a good wingman 😀

  2. loved it and voted. Given just 4 lines, a funny yet relatable story is weaved that left me laughing and feeling optimistic.

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