(Director, Interpreter, Producer, Editor): Melody Cheng
(Main Cast): Miles Choi, Reece Choi, Em Cee

(Synopsis): Two children play with a toy when one gets a brilliant idea to satisfy a curiosity most children get at least once in their lifetime.

(Director’s Statement): This short film is inspired by Langston Hughes’ poem “Tired”, as well as the atrocities of what happened in Orlando (and truthfully, what has been happening years leading up to this). The poem reflects my (and many others’) feelings upon hearing yet another preventable tragedy has occurred, and the film serves as a reminder of who we should be fighting for in shaping our future.

(Director’s Bio): Melody Cheng is a New York-based actress. This is the first project she has translated from mind to movie, and saw it through from beginning to end; AND HAD A BLAST!