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Lawrence Chen and Jonathan Hsu

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Lawrence Chen

Jesse Hsu
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Jesse, an untrained aspiring dancer, gets rejected from a premiere modern dance company at a pretentious audition. Defeated, he goes back to his day job where he works as “Mr. Jesse”, a well known birthday and event dancer at a karaoke bar. Upon Jesse’s return, his manager senses his disappointment and inspires Jesse to give one more performance as “Mr. Jesse” and rediscover greatness in his own way.

I’ve always seen YOMYOMF and Interpretations as a place to be different. So I wanted to tell the story of individuals trying to find a unique voice and fighting an uphill battle against everything holding them back. People telling you you’re not good enough, or a mainstream culture that says this is what success is or what it should look like. So whether you’re a filmmaker, an actor, or a karaoke birthday dancer, go discover what defines you and go be the best at it. The Majestic Mr. Jesse is somewhere out there for all of us to find.

Lawrence Chen is a filmmaker from Beijing, China and New York City. He is a commercial director at ad agency BBDO NY and has garnered multiple awards at festivals as well as named the 8th most awarded commercial director at the 2015 Cannes Lions. Lawrence also directs music videos, short films, and documentaries, and is beginning to venture into longer form narrative work. He hopes to eventually write and direct films or TV that speak to the human experience regardless of culture, race, or beliefs. You can see his other work at

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  30. This piece really moves me! I feel in the end, to not succumb to the judgements of others or the ways that we have to fit into a part sought out by others. We are unique as ourselves, be that, express that! Thank you for the inspiration to the world you provide through your art!!!

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