When desire swings.

Directed by Andrew Pang
Written by Sung Rno
Producers: Sung Rno, Ramsey Fendall, Andrew Pang, Philippe Cu Leong
Cinematographer: Ramsey Fendall
Editor: Wes Kim
Music: Big Phony
Sound: Anna Gustavi
Assistant Camera: Amanda Mitchell
Second Assistant Camera: Belen Ferrer
Art Direction: Matt Jacob
Sound Mix/Design: Keith Hodne

Jennifer Ikeda
Alfredo Narciso

A couple tries to find the right words during their last moments together. Memories, regret, even love, move into the picture.

Director’s Statement:
We wanted to express the full arc of a relationship of two people who have volatile emotions for one another, to show their shifting feelings, a subtle language of looks and gestures. We shot in contrasting visual styles (noir, summer, fall) to show the different palettes of their emotions, how they changed from start to end. We were inspired by the noir-ish styles of Wong Kar Wai and the minimalism of Hsiao-Hsien Hou— trying to find visual poetry in what is unspoken. Then we walked all around Greenpoint and found the perfect swing set.

Director’s Bio:
This is Andrew Pang’s third short film. His other pieces include Works of Art (Winner Best Narrative Short – San Diego Asian Film Festival) and Three Minutes created for Interpretations 1.0. In addition to his work as a director, Andrew has experience as a post-production editor as well as being an actor. Most recently he was the First Assistant Editor for the Academy Award winning film Spotlight. Some of his acting credits include, Wiener-Dog, Luke Cage, Mr. Robot, A Picture of You, Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Corruptor.

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  1. Beautifully shot, subtly told … surprisingly wry.

  2. Beautiful…Jennifer Ikeda and Alfredo Narciso are brilliant.

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  5. Really enjoyed this! Poetic storytelling.

  6. Great work from all!

  7. Congrats Andrew! Looks great man!

  8. Poetry in motion. This story is the result of dedicated collaboration. It’s obvious the challenges were met with creative genius and resulted in a superb piece of art. I say BRAVO to all of you. Thank you, it’s inspiring and refreshing.

  9. it made me cry.. Love is all you need

  10. such great work!! vote for swing!

  11. Brilliant!!! Congratulations to Andy, Sung, Ramsey, Jennifer and Alfredo!
    I so enjoyed this wonderful short!

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