Director/Writer: Jason Musante Klein
Producer: Jason Musante Klein, Jesse Hsu, Yuling Koh Hsu Whitehead, Anthony DiMieri
Cinematographer: Adrian Peng Correia
Editor: Ted Maniatakos, Jason Musante Klein
Main Cast: Jesse Hsu, Raleigh Cain, Kristen Vaganos, Kate Stalton, Andy Chu, Matthew Jacques

After his life crumbles, a lonely businessman with a penchant for pencil sketches takes his passion of art to the next level when he finally accepts his true calling.

Director’s Statement
SKETCH sprang from my interests in loneliness and uncertainty and playing the lead actor, Jesse Hsu, against his comedic type. I have worked with Jesse and my go-to cinematographer Adrian Peng Correia on several projects in the past and we thought this was a unique opportunity so we all just went for it and shot the film in my home away from home, New York City. I’d like to thank my amazing crew and cast who were underfed, underpaid (mostly no pay), and understanding. I’m very pleased with everyone’s hard work and great attitudes.

Director’s Bio
Jason Musante Klein is an award-winning filmmaker that spent most of his life in New York City before moving to Los Angeles last year to pursue his dream of making movies. He’s an NYU Tisch School of the Arts graduate and won several filmmaking awards over the past decade including the prestigious annual Wasserman Award at NYU and Kevin Spacey’s/Triggerstreet Short Film Contest. Jason’s experience includes directing, producing, and editing in both film & advertising and has worked at various companies including VICE, Atom Factory, MTV, Scott Rudin Productions, Digitas, and IFC.

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  1. I really enjoyed your short film. I appreciate the small touches that add depth to the story. When he drops the box, or sees himself as an old man. Clever storytelling. Great job!

  2. Thanks Bradley! You have a film on here I can check out?

  3. Hi Jason. Great film! It spoke to me.

  4. Thanks August!

  5. Wow Jason. By far my favorite. Moving and thoughtful and expertly crafted.

  6. Beautiful short. Great shots and story progression. Well done!

  7. Loved it!!!

  8. Powerful filmmaking with a ton of heart.

  9. Beautiful, Jason.

  10. Great stuff!

  11. Good job! Very inspiring; your film makes me want to follow my passion in life.

  12. yes definitely enjoyed, great storytelling! ha i felt so sorry for him. you can check out the films i worked on if you’re able, Wingman and Train of Thought

  13. Awesome job, Raleigh! Great short, Jason. I enjoyed it very much.

  14. Inspiring and lovely .

  15. My favorite part is when he goes in for the kiss…ouch!!

  16. Loved the part when he’s on the park bench & he sees an older version of himself being hit by the kid. It was like all of a sudden it just clicked for him. “Sketch” is all about the ups & downs of LIFE. Well done.

  17. Gwan Jesse!!

  18. Ya definitely have my vote!!! Relatable, metaphorical, humorous! Great piece of work! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!! =D

  19. Wonderfully done. Congrats. Enjoyed this piece very much.

  20. Congrats Jason! Cool stuff. Glad he found his way!

  21. Jesse Hsu is so cute! <3

  22. Good luck 🙂

  23. Loved watching this. 🙂

  24. Very thoughtful sweet film. Embrace your inner talent and you will be set free was the message I got! You have my vote! Hugs!

  25. Awesome film, Jason! I hope you win.

  26. The most moving short I’ve ever seen.

  27. Congrats!! You’re so talented! Sending you positivity and support always 🙂

  28. Awesome!!

  29. So excited to see what you guys do next. I really enjoyed this short and I’m a fan of your lead actor!