Director: Elaine Loh
Writer: Elaine Loh
Producer: Elaine Loh and Tyler Wolfe
Editor and Cinematographer: Ryan Wolfe
Main Cast: Elaine Loh, Tyler Wolfe, and Bug the Dog

Synopsis: A young couple tries to scare each other by playing practical jokes on one another. But, who will end up truly terrified in the end?

Director’s Statement: I think it’s rather amazing what a three man crew can do. Excuse me – what a one-woman-in-charge and two man crew can do! We wanted to tell a story that was fun and relatable, but with a twist. This project tested our creativity (how to be original within the confines of the dialogue) and our ingenuity (how to get great shots when the two cast members also functioned as gaffers and dolly pushers). We also got to use our dog!! And yes, we are those people who talk to their pet as if she is human.

Director’s Bio: Oh, the crazy things I’ve done as an actor to try to be more “Hollywood Asian”: learned an accent (poorly), learned karate (poorly), dyed my hair black (that one was cool). And so, I’ve crossed to the other side of camera in order to create stories with characters that are exactly as Asian as they need to be, whatever that means! I’ve now written and produced a bunch of short films (one of which won the Audience Vote at the HollyShorts Festival in LA). My first feature is in pre-production and I’m writing my second. Yay!

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  1. This was great Elaine! 🙂

  2. Really enjoyed this! Great work!

  3. I really liked it! (Mine was Last Vow.)

  4. Love it so much.

  5. Loved it!!!! Colby and family

  6. Wow! The ending gave me chills!

  7. OMG sooooo good!!! Very creepy at the end!!! Congrats to you all.

  8. So good…I clicked the ever loving s**t out of that triangle

  9. Thank you for all the support, guys!!

  10. Elaine! This was so awesome. It will be on repeat at our annual Halloween Party!
    Best of luck!
    Your biggest fan,

  11. Awesome!

  12. Done! Congratulations! GREAT JOB!!!!! Really well done.

  13. That was both creepy as hell and totally enjoyable. Nice work!

  14. Go, Elaine!!!!! Great!

  15. Loved it! Really liked how the comedy set up the scary climax, awesome work 🙂

  16. Great stuff! Made me jump 🙂

  17. Wow!

  18. I love the tension created and the playful exchange between the two actors.

  19. Well done! Elaine, it’s really scary. Sarah was hiding behind me and felt really creep out!

  20. Brilliant Elaine!

  21. Nice job guys! You’ve got my vote!

  22. Amazing work. Be blessed always. Keep it positive!

  23. You and your team is awesome

  24. Brilliant!

  25. Great!

  26. Really awesome stuff!!

  27. Congrats Elaine! Funny stuff. Definitely would not want to live with either person LOL! 🙂

  28. Hi Elaine – This is really excellent work! Janet and I loved it. Good job! We now see your dark side. 🙂

    Tom and Janet

  29. Very clever! Has the making of a good slasher flick.

  30. *slow clap*

  31. Great job!

  32. Awesome, Elaine!

  33. Awesome, scary, funny, short!

  34. So cool Tyler !! Great job 🙂

  35. Big fan of Elaine!

  36. This was so much fun! Congratulations, Elaine!!!

  37. This was great! Made me laugh too

  38. It did scare me!

  39. I loved it! Awesome movie. The first “scare” made me jump