Director: Hiroshi Hara
Writer: Hiroshi Hara
Producer: Finn Pfeffer
Editor: Brock Bodell
Main Cast:
Husband – Les Mau
Wife – Elaine Hsu
Son – Robert Leng

Synopsis: A man relives moments with the woman he loves. But what happens if you have to face a different reality?

Director’s Statement: This film is a very personal story for me. It is loosely based on my parents and their fight against cancer. Although each day was a struggle, I remember seeing some of the most beautiful moments my parents shared together after my mother became sick. After being told your time left is limited, it puts a new perspective on what truly matters most and my parents were able to enjoy and appreciate the most simple things in life. Just being able to spend time with one another was a gift and nothing else really mattered much anymore.

Director’s Bio: Hiroshi Hara is a filmmaker based in New York City. He was raised in Los Angeles, where he first became engrossed by the power of images and storytelling after he was given his first mini-DV camera, and started making short films and music videos with his friends. Since then, his passion for film has blossomed into a career, prompting his move from California to New York, where he continues to write, direct and shoot today.

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  7. I think you said it best yourself… being able to spend time together is a gift. This film stirred a lot of emotions tucked away from a time, when I witnessed my parents go through something very similar. Thank you for sharing this short film with us.

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