Director – Matt Yang King
Writer – Matt Yang King based on the words of David Henry Hwang
Producer – Matt Yang King

Elizabeth Ho – Her
Alastair Duncan – Him

Director of Photography – Peyton Skelton
Editor: Tommy Aagaard
Assistant Editor: L Dillon Thomas
Music: Seth Podowitz/Music 2 Media
Makeup FX – Thomas Surprenant
CGI – Zafer Mustafa
Title Design – Aaron Hendricks
Title Audio Design – Matt Yang King
Set Design – Matt Yang King/Mark Helmuth
Costume Design – Jackie Martinez
1st AC – Stephen Branagan
Key Grip – Matthew Propher

A serial killer finds their next victim…

Director’s Statement:
I am a bat. I’ve always had a foot in two worlds. I fit in neither and I claim both. I tend to write and direct stories that echo this duality in me. Be it a genre piece or a simple conversation, I am drawn to the area “in between.” I think the characters that you find on this edge are the ones that truly become wedged in our brains and require us to do something creative before they will consent to fall out again.

Director’s Bio:
I spent 14 years being furniture. Got good at it. Made a living at it. But I got tired of being sat on. So I stopped reading other people’s words and decided to write my own. Won the Hollywood Foreign Press Young Screenwriter’s Award, was a finalist for The Nicholl Fellowship twice, Scriptapalooza, Page. I thought I was no longer furniture. I was wrong. Just a credenza instead of a couch. Decided to make my own work. Took an idea to kickstarter. Became the highest funded pilot ever on that platform (2012). I’m the interior designer now. Sometimes.

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