(Filmmaker): Jeff Gadigan
(Director): Paden Burger
(Writer): Paden Burger
(Producers): Jeff Gadigan, Jeff Locker, Danni DanDan Gadigan
(Editor): Jeff Gadigan
(Cinematographer): Michael Shu

(Main Cast): Ben Wang, Danni DanDan Gadigan, Eliana Wang, Dylan Huang, CiCi Lau, Ewan Chung, Leann Lei, Tom Chou, Irene Hsin-Hsin Van Blerkom, Kara Wang, Jeff Gadigan, Jeff Locker, Matt Sammartine, Garret Replogle, Eric Barnard

(Synopsis): Paper Children is based on the true story of Angel Island, the location of an immigration station in San Francisco from 1910-1940 which also served to process Chinese immigrants whose entry was restricted by the Chinese Exclusion Law of 1882. These newcomers to America were held anywhere from a few weeks to several months or even years, and some carved their stories – and documented their harsh treatment – into the wooden walls of their detention barracks.

(Director’s Statement): Paper Children is a collaboration of longtime creative partners Jeff Gadigan, Jeff Locker, Paden Burger, and Danni DanDan Gadigan. Though we shot in one day with an incredibly dedicated cast and crew of almost sixty people, our small but devoted preproduction team spent three weeks planning and designing, then another week building an entire set, hand-sewing thirty costumes, and carving hundreds of characters into the walls – no small feat!
While we are both honored and excited to share this short, it is our dream to tell this story – one we passionately believe needs to be told – in a feature film.

(Filmmaker bio ): Filipino-American Filmmaker/Producer/Actor Jeff Gadigan has worked in Hollywood for 10 years on projects such as “Who Run It?”, “Love At First Take”, and the Award-Winning series “Red Sleep”. He takes pride in creating inclusive work environments, giving opportunities to passionate and budding filmmakers, and promoting diversity and multiculturalism. This includes collaborations with Producer/Actor and TV/Radio Host in Taiwan Jeff Locker (“Chinglish”) on “Saving Face”, Award-Winning Writer/Director Paden Burger on his series “VagaBond”, and his Wife/Actress/Producer Danni who appeared in “Late Autumn” with Tang Wei and “Safe” with Jason Statham.

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  1. Profoundly moving. Tears falling….

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  3. Thank you everyone for the support! We worked so hard, and put so much heart into this film, and we’re so thrilled at the response. And a huge congrats to all the filmmakers, and all our friends in the Top 15! So honored to be on this journey with all of you!!

  4. Very touching documentary! And very glad to meet many new friends in this project!

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  7. The music score is haunting. The scenes felt very realistic and emotionally connected.

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  23. That was very deep part of American story you seldom hear unless one is driven to discover those unsavory times in this country’s brief history.

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