Director: Franco

Writer: Franco

Producer: Franco and Janice

Editor: Franco

Cinematographer: Tristan Noelle

Production Designer: Jamie McGuire

Sound Design: Franco

Main Cast: Janice Fung, Stevens Gaston, Sarah Ho, Dan Klass, Michi Tanioka, Alice Wen

Special thanks to the gangstas:

Greg Cheng, Chris Hamilton, Allan Holt, Caleb Knueven, Bor Nibot, Kristen Pelz, Nick Puhala, Florent Raffray, Jack Semcken, Thad Nurski, Nathan Towns

Synopsis: 2 kidnapped girls and 1 detective

Director’s Statement: I am trying to human.

Director’s Bio: I enjoy light hearted things.


  1. Such a haunting and memorable ending! Great work!!!