Director / Writer / Cinematographer / Editor: Shea William Vanderpoort
Producer / Director of Photography / Camera: Duran Castro
Producer: Amber Barnard

Starring: Hope Harris as Violet Meadowvale
Teagan Johnson as Fox Meadowvale
Shea William Vanderpoort as Billy Meadowvale

Fox, a young boy, discovers his mother retreating to a room in private. He isn’t allowed to enter but sees her sniffing something in an envelope. He persists to discover her secret.

Director’s Statement:
The goal with “Ice Cream Dreams,” was to take a story I felt was relevant to our current environment and mold it to fit the provided dialogue, unforced. A story of simple life pleasures and relationships juxtaposed with the seriousness of our climate. With what is going on in the world around us, it’s hard to express ourselves in a comfortable yet convincing manner. My hope is that this work of art accurately portrays what I want to say.

Director’s bio:
Born and raised in Los Angeles to parents from Asia and Europe (and a Mexican-American stepfather), Shea William Vanderpoort has had as diverse an upbringing as he has had a filmography. Shea directed “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl” starring Issa Rae, written and produced by Tracy Oliver, and executive produced by Pharrell. He filmed Kelly Rowland on tour, directed for Russell Simmons’ ADD, and Ebony. Shea seeks to represent accurately and on film, the many faces we see in our daily lives.

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    -An Asian Homeless Dude (NOT an omen)

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