Director/Writer/Editor: Christine Kwon
Producer: Theresa Chiu
Main Cast: Anthony Ma, Amanda Suk, Daniel Stevens, Natthias Paul

Synopsis: When Shawn takes his girlfriend Kate for granted, he has to come up with something extraordinary to make her stay in this Groundhog’s Day inspired short.

Director’s Statement: As a writer, my focus is storytelling, so it was a rewarding challenge creating a full narrative within the Interpretations rules. I wanted to make a playful short that utilizes the dream within a dream device to allow its central character to address his shortcomings and rise to the challenge at hand. I also wanted to celebrate the female gaze while highlighting Asian masculinity, which is something I do with much of my work.

Director’s Bio: Christine Kwon is a writer, producer, and director. She served as the Festival Managing Director at the Center for Asian American Media, where she created the Student Delegate Program and produced the original comedy series Nice Girls Crew, starring Michelle Krusiec, Lynn Chen, and Sheetal Sheth. She has taught film in the Ethnic Studies Department at UC Berkeley, and curated programs for Oddball Film and Archive, the San Jose Museum of Art, and Ladyfest. She is also the producer of the award-winning documentary Breathin’: The Eddy Zheng Story, and currently works as the editor for a sports web site.


  1. I was getting into the story and then out of nowehere, WTH?? haha, was confused but I thourghly enjoyed the dancing. You made me laugh.

  2. Ridiculous! HAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOHHHH! Random, but yeah, I dig.

  3. Dream Dance
    I have a really good laugh on this film. It is fun and joy feel kind of film, it worth the wait. This film inspire me to paused a moment and really look at ourself outside of our own world. Will my life be the same or differnt tomorrow?
    My favorite and memorized scene: When the boyfriend Shawn start doing the drop thing dacning in front of her in black pant and white shirt. That is really cool. And the end when Shawn turn to look then cut to black! So what happen next! lol…