Synopsis: With mom out running errands, hijinks unfold when two boys test their father’s nap aspirations and mettle as they enjoy a “Daddy Day.”

Director’s Statement: I’m interested in telling stories where ethnicity, religion, and skin color are not an impediment to connecting with the protagonist – stories where universal human emotion and experience take over and we forget the artificial divisions that separate us. We can all agree children are endlessly resourceful when it comes to sneaking off to places they probably shouldn’t, touching things they’ll regret and taking griminess to new heights. Let’s enjoy this “Daddy Day”…. together.

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  1. oh my god, those kids are SO CUTE!!!!!!

  2. Faroukh! That’s so adorable!!!!

  3. Congrats Faroukh! I commend you on working with such young actors and getting a great result! Cheers!

  4. This was adorable11

  5. well done Faroukh!

  6. this is best one!!! vote for it to see the cutest children of all time!!

  7. this is so hilarious!! love it <3

  8. So funny and adorable!

  9. I love this short so much! My boyfriend enjoyed it as well! The performances were wonderful!!!

  10. 🙂

  11. Love this!!!

  12. Love it!