Jennifer Vo Le

Executive Producer:
William H. Bryant Jr.

Cinematographer and Editor:
Dave Moutray

Jennifer Vo Le
Dezi Soley

1st AC:
Johnny Moreno

Robert Nelson

Sound Mixer and Boom Operator:
Marcus Bruno

Special Thanks to:
Ryan Takemiya, Jeffrey Balagot and Ev Marquee

Doubt begins to fill Frankie’s heart causing her to resist the commitments and promises she’s made with her girlfriend Ava.

Director’s Statement:
It was important for me to have queer women of color represented on the screen and to have the image of an Asian American and an African American unified through love. The heart often ebbs and flows, from doubt to uncertainty, from being openly warm to being resistantly cold, it feels what it wants and could never really be controlled. Yet love has the powerful ability to transform us when we allow it into our hearts. It is often when we resist love that conflict begins to unfold. Frankie and Ava are both a reflection of this duality I see within all of us.

Director’s Bio:
Jennifer Vo Le is a fearless multi-faceted artist who seeks to produce work that resonates with everyone on a universal scale. A UC Santa Cruz graduate with a B.A. in Theatre Arts, she has continued her acting training at the Beverly Hills Playhouse San Francisco where she currently teaches and attends. She is better known as Jennii Le and for her spoken word piece titled “I am not Vietnamese” that has been widely embraced on a global scale.


  1. Films like this are SO IMPORTANT. Jennii, you and your team did such a fantastic job! HUGE HUGE HUGE CONGRATULATIONS. Please submit this to other film festivals because it deserves an audience. A truly bold and beautiful story about people we rarely see onscreen going through very human, relatable, every day conflicts. I think you all did such an amazing job creatively working within your limits. Great work! I’m so excited for what you do next, girl!