Cast and Crew:

Director: Phil Delrosario
Writers: Phil Delrosario, Jade Verdeflor
Producers: Phil Delrosario, Jade Verdeflor
Editor: Phil Delrosario
Featuring: John Carlo “Jolo” Buenaflor, Juliana Chang, Joriene Mercado


anamnesis (n.)
1. a recalling to memory, a recollection
2. [medicine] a patient’s account of a medical history

Director’s Statement: “Anamnesis” is the product of Jade’s and my passion for medicine and art. We used our limitations to craft a story that embraces silence; that finds beauty in how much people can say in the way they move, the clothes they wear, the words they keep locked inside; that shows courage through our vulnerability, agency through our decisions; that illustrates that sometimes, in the quietest of moments, love is at its loudest.

We’d like to acknowledge the collective effort put into this project. Without it, there would be no film. For that, thank you all.

Director’s Bio: Phil is a Filipino-American filmmaker, storyteller, and aspiring physician. Originally from sunny Southern California, he now makes films and other creative media in the equally sun-blessed Bay Area.

He’s produced several projects ranging from short films to stage plays. He believes in the power of storytelling as a means of expression, education, empowerment, and activism. He’s combining his passions for media and medicine into a career that will allow him to heal and educate at both the individual and community levels.


  1. Phil, Jade, you guys are amazing <3