A Sci-Fi Suburban Drama.

JASMINE and TED are a recently married couple having trouble conceiving. After yet another negative pregnancy test, a strange chasm appears in their bathroom. Touching it briefly, JASMINE sees a mysterious vision in the chasm, doubling her determination to conceive.
After another pregnancy test, JASMINE and TED enter the chasm, a portal to a vision of their future. Present selves meet future selves. Can a child close the chasm that has grown between them?

Directed by: Eugene Young
Main Cast: Aria Song and Johnny Martini and Olivia Seul-Ah Soriano Choi
Director of Photography: Brooks Yang
Special Effects: Rob See/Running Lady Studios
Sound: Johnny Martini
Editor: K Davette See/Running Lady Studios
Music By: Sadie Contini
Hair/Makeup: Allison Abarca
Producer: Eugene Young
Written by: Eugene Young
Special Thanks: Marie Choi

Director’s bio:
Eugene first wanted to get involved in the arts when he saw a MACBETH production where one of Macbeth’s guards was an Asian American male actor. He had no lines.
“I could do that,” Eugene thought.
He has since appeared as recurring characters on shows like VEEP(HBO), JANETHEVIRGIN(CW), REVENGE(ABC), CRIMINALMINDS(CBS). To this day, people are more excited that his first TV appearances were on READING RAINBOW(PBS). “Did you meet Levar!?!” they ask.
Also a writer and playwright, Eugene interned for the NYTimes, winning Dartmouth College’s Eleanor Frost Playwrighting Award. His plays have been seen in NY, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Texas.

Director’s Statement:

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First heard about INTERPRETATIONS when Philip Chung challenged the 2016 C3 Creative Content audience to create on our own terms. INTERPRETATIONS2.0 provided the opportunity to work with a Chinese-American lead actress, a Hapa DP, a Latino&African American married team on effects/editing, and the cutest Korean-Latino 2 year old – a diverse range of talents melding together a story that marriages sci-fi CGI effects with surburban drama.
Every single person involved on this film I’ve worked with before, and I’m super grateful for a chance to deepen relationships with my network/village of talented friends.