Chow Yun-Fat, perhaps one of the most iconic Hong Kong actors ever, is taking the frugal zen path to happiness. With a net worth of $700 million, the actor lives off about $102 a month, takes public transportation and he’s owned a Nokia flip phone for 17 years and just recently upgraded to a smartphone after the flip phone finally conked out on him.

“My dream is to be a happy and normal person,” Yun-fat recently told Hong Kong movie site Jayne Stars. “The hardest thing in life is not about how much money you earn, but how to keep a peaceful mindset and live the rest of your life in a simple and carefree manner.”

Yun-Fat is best known for his often bad-ass roles with frequent collaborator John Woo in the early ‘90s in balletic action classics THE KILLER, A BETTER TOMORROW and HARD BOILED. He was also the star of Ang Lee’s CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON, alongside Michelle Yeah in 2000. The film would win the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar the following year.