Saw this recent post entitled “Are Asian Women Easy For Non-Asian Men?” over at MaSir Jones’ blog. It references a study that came out last year that was conducted by Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm at Boston University on Asian American women and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Hahm was alarmed to find how high the rates of STDs were among Asian American women.

Here’s what she discovered:

Over the course the study, Hahm unmasked some myths common about Asian Americans. She said, “There’s a perception that Asian Americans in particular aren’t practicing sexually risky behaviors. But we found that Asian American young women are at risk of high STDs. For instance, Asian American women had a higher prevalence of STDs than White women in both 1995 (10.4% vs. 7.7) and 2001 (13.5% vs. 8.3%). The incidence of STDs (not diagnosed with STDs in 1995, but developed STIs in 2001) among Asian American women was also higher than that of White women.”

Moreover, the power dynamic between genders became immediately clear. Asian American women were four times more likely to have a STD than their male counterparts. “This was shocking,” said Hahm, “It was so much higher than the males.”

Hahm offers a possible explanation for why this may be the case:

Accounting for the gender disparity, Hahm suggested that again, culture may be playing a critical role. “Condom use is hard in a culture where women are raised to be accommodating and polite.” She stated, “Asian and Pacific Islander women also have broader interracial dating patterns than Asian American men. This might explain why these women are exposed to higher rates of STDs.”

In his blog, MaSir Jones latches onto Hahm’s second explanation; focusing on Asian women’s purported preference for non-Asian men as the main reason for the STDs. Here’s what he has to say:

Now maybe I’m supposed to be in complete shock and dismay, but it’s not all that surprising if you think about it. Go ahead and yap all you want about the different statistical methods of slicing, dicing and presenting the data to bias the results, but before you disparage Hahm’s findings save your breath and do three things for me first,

1. Take a stroll down the block and count how many Asian Female/White Male couples there are as opposed to AM/WF couples (this works even better if you’re in California or NYC by the way).
2. Go to Craigslist and look under the Personals section and see how many SAFs are seeking out SWMs and vice versa. I guarantee the scale is tipped more so in one direction.
3. Take a trip to Japan, China or any Asian country for that matter and perform 1 & 2. In this case, you can interchange White with Black as well.

Since traveling to Asia may be a limiting factor for most of you, just by completing the first 2 points, do you still find this hard to believe?

So what do you think? Do you buy the results of the study? If so, is it a cultural thing? Are Asian American women just more slutty? Does dating non-Asian men make them even sluttier? Do Asian men have a low rate of STDs because they’re not getting laid as much? Does this mean non-Asian men are more prone to have STDs to pass onto their Asian female partners? Chinky or not chinky?

Oh, and is it just me or is Professor Hahm a total hottie? Damn, I never had professors like that in school. Kids today got it all good. Well…unless you’re a young Asian American women with an STD you got from unprotected sex with a white guy. Slap on some latex love, my sistas and brothas!


  1. Rates of STIs do not indicate how “slutty” or easy a woman is. Rather, it’s indicative of a serious lack of condom use and possibly a cultural issue. Heterosexual women get a LOT of pressure from heterosexual men to do it without anything between us regardless of race/ethnicity. So, perhaps it’s a manifold cultural/behavioral/attitude issue that manifests itself in a statistically significant way in SAFs because there are far less of them than SWMs. *Sigh* got it out.

    Btw, total hot moma. It would definitely have to be consensual and protected with her.

  2. “Condom use is hard in a culture where women are raised to be accommodating and polite.”

    Wait, what?!! Is this an insinuation that it is Asian men that bear some of the responsibilty for Asian women having unsafe sex with non-Asians?

  3. More accurate, I’d say, is your post from awhile back that says that Asian women usually end up with REALLY ugly white dudes. That is so very true.

  4. Professor Hyeouk Chris Hahm is so pretty that i’d believe anything she said to me…

  5. This is provocative. This is research. Believe it needs to be out.

  6. And in other news….fire is still hot and ice is still cold!!

    For an Asian American male, this is not new information but to our non-Asian friends, it sounds like more sour grapes that we aren’t getting laid as much

  7. I believe in not saying anything when I have nothing nice to say so… no comment.

  8. Good thing I only have unprotected sex with white chicks. I won’t even go near K-town with out a jimhat.

  9. What a way to generalize the 86.5% of Asian women who do not have STD’s. I am disheartened by some of the comments by Asian males on this thread. And you wonder why Asian women won’t give you the time of day? It’s all a projection of your own dating anxieties. Where are all these Asian women who date non-Asian men? Apparently, not in California where I’ve lived.

  10. A clarification. Those couples do exist, but not to the extreme levels as purported by some bitter men.

  11. Judging from anecdotal evidence here in Seoul, Korean women don’t use condoms that much here either, partly to be accommodating and partly due to perceptions of condom use. According to one male friend, a girl was offended when he suggested using a condom, because that implied he thought she was promiscuous.

    Also the whole ugly guy good-looking girl scenario seems to happen across all permutations of ethnicities. I get more mad about the old man young woman combination and then if you add Asian fetish on top of that… Walking around Bangkok sucked for that reason.

  12. I know a lot of us Asian guys are bitter about not getting as much play as Asian girls. I sure am, but this study make me feel better, because I am clean and cleanliness is next to godliness.

    I do find it sad that there is no common ground for Asian women and Asian men in America to come together.

  13. The purpose of my post wasn’t intentionally meant to bash and trash Asian women who are in White worshipping interracial relationships. For those of you who think so are gravely mistaken. That post is coming later. Haha.

    On the contrary, I posed the question based on Hahm’s findings to see if the results were indicative of a correlation or pure coincidence that Asian women more willing to cater to non-Asian (White) men. Why? Because its become so common for me to hear disconcerting comments from non-Asian men.

    “They love my white cock.”
    “Asian women are so easy.”
    “Asian women have such tight pussies.”
    “I love Asian women.”
    “I was bangin’ this Asian chick even though she had a boyfriend.”

    Or some shit I overheard from some Asian females,

    “One of my white friends told me how much he loves Asian women. He’s said he likes that we’re smaller and easy to toss around. . .”

    So I threw it out there – maybe **this** is a plausible explanation as to why their is a 4x difference in the STD percentage rate between AA men vs women.

    I’ve heard many other possibilities such as Annie’s post which I do agree it having an influence in this alarming delta. Indeed, this is generally the case in Korea. My friends were initially shocked that the women they were sleeping with weren’t fond of prophylactics of any kind for such reasons as Annie mentioned. But also, they’re not fond of putting anything inside of their bodies that isn’t organically homegrown including tampons as opposed to a pad.

    However, Hahm’s sample set was extracted from a population of Asian-American women as opposed to Asian women straight from the motherland. Such cultural norms of behavior could spill over to 1.5, 2nd and so forth AA generations, but I think its been beaten into our heads long and hard enough (no pun intended).

    I guess I won’t be walkin’ around BangCock any time soon.

    @jstele, I love you too! =oD

  14. if you go to any dating site and put in that you are a female (any female) looking for an asian male, you will get pages and pages of white guys. the fuckers put their profiles in there to snag asian women who might be riding the fence. and there may be 2 or 3 asian males in the search, period.

  15. Smart asian men who do their homework and aren’t afraid to grill asian chicks they date before the nature walk if they’ve been race unfaithful will not run into these STD infested asian sisters. It’s pretty easy actually, you just ask ;Matt Damon or John Cho? front or back door? bush or shaved? Junk food or asian food? shoes off at entrance or sex on the bed with shoes on w/out showering? Condoms or He’s white so it’s okay? (std’s are cute and mixed white babies are so unabortably cute!)

  16. Most Asian women are abusive and slutty. they wish they could find good guys to treat them like princess. Unfortunately they are gold diggers . you can see if she loves you when you have no money . My friend got married with a Cambodian American woman in El Monte, CA. He said it is like a hell to live with her. She is fatty,shitty,dirty ,nasty and slutty. he got out of it just a few months.

    That is what I saw. That woman graduated from UCR ,working as a sub teacher of a few hundred dollars each month. what a loser.

  17. Fuck Cambodians

  18. Fuck these asians, they use asylum to get green cards and live on welfare while they are driving BMW. BENS, PORCHE.

    fuck them .

  19. Yes guys pleas grill the Asian girl. I started dating this Asian girl, who never dated an Asian guy or sleep with an Asian guy, before me. After I had sex with a few time, she told me she has HPV, and her white boyfriend gave it to her. I knew she never had an Asian guy and only had white boyfriends. I was able to look pass that, but this whole disease kept me up late and I ended a week later. I was horny but I could bring myself to touch her. She even asked me to eat her out and shit. I told I don’t do that to spare her feeling, but the truth is, I feel disgusted.

    God damn, I liked her personality too. She is average, but still, we Asian American guys got the short end of the straw, better go day other girls and no relegate ourselve to Asian women’s last resort after then done have their fun. She was in her late 20’s too.

  20. Look at global STD rates. In Asia the STD rates are similar between genders (and also much lower). It’s only in Western societies that STD rates among Asian women skyrocket to 4 times that of Asian men in the same countries.

    That woman above trying to somehow insanely blame this phenomenon on Asian males (again?) is hilarious. Take a quick scan of the casual encounters on craigslist sometime – Asian women dating non-Asian men are disproportionately in those ads willing to do all sorts of crazy sexual or group acts, all consensual. These sex acts no doubt are agreed upon in order to gain favor with their boyfriends, and are the same mentality behind why Asians sometimes are so willing to say self-racist things about other Asians. They go overboard trying to gain acceptance.

  21. hi
    i have lovely to your

  22. I feel for my frustrated Asian brothers. But, I must add that Asian guys are shy, timid, and at times girly (as demonstrated by all those photos showing Asian guys holding up double “V” with their hands and acting all cute and crap; That only works well for Asian girls; The “V” pretty much stands for vagina; It makes me wanna puke when I see an Asian guy do that.) Instead of complaining constantly about Asian guys not getting as much action, START WORKING OUT! I see way too many Asian guys who are either skinny and flat or fat and gelatinous. Build some muscle and encourage your endocrine system to produce more testosterone. We Asian men can do this, we simply have to take our excellent work ethic when it comes to academics and just apply it to improving our physical and mental prowess. Asian men can be every bit as manly as any Non-Asian men, if not, even more so.

    P.S.: The whole Asian chick with Non-Asian (white) boy can go the other way as well: Asian dude with hot white girl.

    P.P.S.: I personally like white girls more than Asian ones. Asian girls are generally short and flat and are therefore overrated. White girls are more pretty and voluptuous. I know several Asian guys with white girlfriends and I am one of them.


  24. manimal: how about you stfu and let asian guys do wtf they want, biatch.

    -asian guy

  25. Actually, I agree mostly with manimal. Anything to the extreme is usually not good. And most asian american men are raised to be very extreme in the area of academics. This was the case with me. I rocked academically until college. Unfortunately those early years were filled with loneliness and frustration.

    That is, until I started to find BALANCE. I worked on myself religiously from that point forward. I got my personality and social side handled first, learning the art of communication and charisma. This built up the confidence I needed to believe that I was in fact no different than any white boy out there, just spent my time building a different skill set.

    After that, I started working on my body and health. This had the effect of releasing my inner warrior and hardening up both my body and my mind. The effects were incredible. Women started to see me as attractive with much less effort on my part. The inner strength just oozes out.

    Guys, we are men inside. You have everything it takes. You just have to find balance outside of career and academics. This is key to realizing your full potential. My hope is for all asian men continue to become stronger in America. The only thing stopping us is the bullshit reality we’ve been painted.

  26. A portion of Asian women only date asian men. So for the overall infection rate to average out at 13.5%, that means the other portion that dates out of their race has STD levels that are MUCH, MUCH higher.

    To asian women, there is now factual proof that you girls are sluts.

    Change your ways no before it is too late and you get HIV!

  27. I’m a white guy and have dated three Asian American chicks. All three had HPV, and one of them had herpes. None of them told me about it for at least a month, so thank god I used protection.

    The Korean chick was by far the hottest and sluttiest. The two Chinese girls were cute and into really perverted shit. ANYTHING that popped into my mind, these girls were ready, willing, and able.

    Asian American women are crazy though. Good for a pump-n-dump, nothing more.

    Never again. I swear to God. Never again.

  28. Move to the UK where interracial dating is much more common!!!

  29. I love going out with Asian girls (especially Chinese and Korean) because they are the easiest girls to sleep with (usually between 1-3 “dates”…I say “dates” because sometimes it’s coming over to my place and straight into the sack). Most of these girls are definitely White-washed and seemed to be seeking some kind of White acceptance. And opening their legs to guys like me seems to be that acceptance, although in reality, I will never marry or bring back one home to see my parents.

  30. this is what happens when mainstream media tries its hardest to sabotage an entire racial group.

  31. This is so funny. Black guys always say that they sleep with white women because Black girls are too saintly and conservative. Black girls are less likely to do oral sex, less likely to do other freaky things and more likely to wait until a serious relationship to have sex. So black guys have found use for white women. And now white men are saying that white girls are NOT SLUTTY ENOUGH and are turning to Asian girls????? LOL. Black girls are not much better with condom use, though, they are even more likely than Asian girls to submit to a guy’s desire to go bareback. When are we going to wake up ladies?
    Signed Cubanprincess

  32. wow. the amount of racist comments is astounding. but then again, i shouldn’t be surprised that there are still plenty of bigots in this country

  33. Asian Women ‘Sexually Reckless’
    by Swapna Majumdar


    Three out of four pregnant Asian teenage women in New Zealand abort their pregnancy compared to 59 per cent and 32 per cent of European and Maori teenage women, respectively.

    In fact, according to a research paper titled ‘Problem of Asian Women’s Sexuality: Discourses in Public Health in Aotearoa, New Zealand’ (2007), presented at the 4th APCRSH in Hyderabad, at least one Asian woman in the age group 14-25 years (usually a student), was referred by a Christchurch-based clinic every day for pregnancy termination.

    This has led to questions about whether Asian young women living in New Zealand are sexually more reckless than their counterparts from other ethnic communities. If 75 per cent of Asian women under the age of 20 terminate their pregnancies, is it a rational decision or an indiscreet one? Would having the child be a more rational option? Or is it better to have compunctions about undergoing abortion?

    These questions are ‘suffused with cultural bias’ and deliberately so, says Dr Rachel Simon-Kumar, Senior lecturer, Department of Societies and Cultures, University of Waikato, New Zealand. She says whether Asian women are seen as ‘rational’ or ‘reckless’ depends on whose cultural lens is being used and public perceptions of the Asian sexual health problem.

    In 2001-2002, there was a spurt of public interest in New Zealand about the sexual health and sexual behaviors of the Asian community. This was fuelled in a large part by data that showed that induced terminations among Asian women increased from 9.8 per cent in 1997 to 13.16 per cent in 2001. The data also indicated that the number of Asians at an abortion clinic had increased from 12 per cent in 1995 to 55 per cent in 2002.

    In the same year (2001), a report published by the District Health Board of the Auckland region found that reproductive and sexual health was among the top three reasons for hospitalization among Asians in the 25-64 age group in 1999- 2000. These findings were significant, considering this region has the highest concentration of Asians in New Zealand.

    Simon-Kumar, who has studied the problem of Asian women’s sexuality in New Zealand and how social and cultural values are implicated in defining sexual health, presented her research at the just-concluded 4th Asia Pacific Conference for Reproductive and Sexual Health and Rights (4APCRSH) in Hyderabad, India held from October 29 to 31, 2007.

    She contends that the reproductive and sexual health of Asian communities in New Zealand has emerged as a ‘problem’ in the last five years. Much of it has emerged from the general perception of Asians living in the country. Asians are seen as bringing with them abusive drinking, careless driving, drugs, gambling and criminal activity. This negative image is reinforced when even the country’s Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MWA) website (mwa.govt.nz) states that ‘Asian women are more likely to abort a pregnancy’.

    Incidentally, Asians are now the third-largest ethnic group in New Zealand, followed by the European and Maori communities. Within the Asian population, the Chinese are the largest ethnic group, followed by Indians and Koreans (Statistics New Zealand, 2004).

    But could the perception about the sexuality of Asian women arise from a lack of cultural sensitivity in public health services? “While there is no doubt that far more Asian women chose to terminate pregnancies, I find the insinuation that only these girls are sexual highly problematic. In 2003-04, I was involved in a research project that aimed to understand Asian sexual health statistics At the time, I, too, had taken the ‘problem’ for granted, and was keen to explore the reasons for the Asian sexual problem. By talking to Asian women students, I hoped to glean a sense of their sexual values and practices,” recalls Simon- Kumar. (The research project, Cultures of Sexuality, was conducted by Simon- Kumar and submitted to the University of Auckland in 2006.)

    During the course of her study, she found that for some of them, being in New Zealand was an opportunity to explore and make individual discoveries about themselves whilst for others the response was to adhere to the prevailing values of their ethnic communities. “There was no one Asian value to sexuality or abortion. It ranged from liberal to conservative and was determined by the women’s particular upbringing and present contexts. I found that social institutions – family, religion, their communities and the state – played an influential part in their decisions around sexuality. The research findings clearly showed the complex ways in which New Zealand and Asian home countries offered varying cultural contexts in definitions of what is appropriate or not,” clarifies Simon-Kumar.

    Explaining why Asian women were over-represented in abortion statistics, Simon-Kumar says that Asian women have different sets of values about contraception and abortion. They understand and ‘use’ abortion as a method of contraception. Secondly, language barriers constrain Asian women from accessing health services, and health services may not be as culturally sensitive as they could be in dealing with ethnic populations. For instance, sometimes, the interpreters were of the wrong gender.

    But, instead of understanding the problems, medical practitioners and the media continue to stress that Asian women live permissive lives, don’t understand contraception; and that Asian students exposed to New Zealand-style school education on sex “miss the point” completely because of cultural differences. According to a report, cited in Simon-Kumar’s current paper, by Terri Hu McFriedes, who researched Asian high school students, in classrooms where sex education is taught, there is lots of fun and laughter. But for Kiwis the “message is still delivered. Asians don’t get the real message”.

    Another prominent reasoning for girls resorting to abortion stems from the cultural shame associated with admitting pre-marital sex. Medical professionals in New Zealand found that young women did not talk about contraception or pregnancy either with their boyfriends or best friends. Cultural and language barriers further meant that they could not approach anyone about questions that they had about contraception.

    All these explanations have perpetuated a certain image of Asian women and their sexual values. “What is interesting is that the overall – and lasting – impression of Asian women is that of ‘need’: Asian women in need of education, needing to move away from traditional ways of thinking, in need of intervention or, simply, in need of sorting out in their lives. It conveys the contradictions in the way Asian sexuality is presented as problematic in public health and media discourses. There are rationales for sexual behavior among Asian groups that do not neatly fit into the popularly constructed imagery of how and why Asian women behave,” contends Simon-Kumar.

    Unless the need to be culturally appropriate and sensitive while dealing with ethnic minorities in New Zealand is recognized urgently, Asian women will continue to seen as `sexually more reckless’.

  34. Women are women. Period. Asian women are no more or less slutty than other women. My wife is Asian..Korean to be exact…and she was and is a woman of virtue. She was no easy mark and the only way I was going to get into her was to commit to her. I did…we are happy…and I don’t regret a single moment of my life with her.

  35. Majority opf those Asian American women with STD are those who rejects Asian Men most of the time. I caught seeing one giving her white boyfriend a blowjob few years ago. Those sellout asian woman reaped what they sow.

  36. I’m just readin this shit and laughin my ass off, especially witht he two asian guys speaking about finding inner strength nd shit, nigga just work out to work out do it for urself man, not so u can go on some fuckin recon mission for a bunch of ho’s and shit, u guys are fuckin hilarious

  37. I think the fact of the matter is just biological. Asian guys are the smallest and weakest, and so are the women. Women are naturally more attracted to larger, stronger men. So that’s why Asian girls prefer white guys. No amount of economics or personality is going to change this fact.

  38. Statistically the tallest people in the world are Scandinavians. Tall, slender. blonde hair, blue eye Scandinavian women are considered the zenith and lusted after by every ethnicity. While Scandinavian men are considered pretty low on the totem pole

  39. believed they are called Kuta Cowboys.


  40. Thank you people, you have definitely urinated on my picnic, and popped all my balloons.

  41. I’m surprised at how many idiotic people there are here. All you angry Asians are blaming white guys for this problem. Yet, the fact that white women have a lower rate should tell you something about that conclusion.

    Finding blame is useless (especially useless when you’re wrong)… look toward solutions.

  42. Asian women are sluttier, at least the Asian american ones. They WILL do anything and I mean ANYTHING to keep their white men and slut themselves out for that. It’s called low self worth. Some of the white guys are so flattered bc they could never got hot white or latin chicks so they date the ugly but slutty asian chicks. These white guys are also desperate and find it easier to get an easy asian chick than to get an unattainable hot white or latin chick.

  43. Maybe you white guys shouldn’t be talking so much shit. The women you have been sleeping with unprotected, have been having your abortions. So remeber that when talk shit about an asian guy who can support his family and love his children. Whereas some of you guys know you came from broken homes and parents who have never taught you basic human decency. I just saying because it is pretty meshed up that a lot of American children come from broken families, I know this because I lived with white people and I try to help them with their problems. Don’t be an ass.

  44. I have to wonder if anyone who has read this misinformation has actually done any follow-up research of Mr. Hyeouk Hahm’s ‘study.’ His data sources are from 95′ and 01′.

    According to the CDC (data from 2010), Asian American women collectively have lower rates of STD infection than white women, across the board. The only exceptions are with HIV, in which they have the same likelihood of infection as white women; and also for The Clap (and I don’t know why) amongst Asian women 35+. Perhaps they are foreigners, I don’t know.

    So there you have it. Straight from the CDC.

    But really, ladies…. (as someone who is sexually active, and not ashamed of it, and yes I’ve slept w/ both white and Asian guys) Put a wrapper on it, and go get tested regularly (if you’re sexually active). There’s no shame in protecting yourselves… And don’t be afraid to be choosy amongst the men that hit on you. 😉

  45. The level of STD between Asian and White women simply matches the abortion rate. The abortion rate of Asian-American women, coincidentally, is also higher than the rate for White women. About twice as high.


    In 2000, about 35 percent of Asian-American pregnancies ended in abortion, the second highest rate for all racial and ethnic groups behind blacks, and almost double the 18 percent rate for whites. ”

    So if abortion was illegal, we will see A LOT of unwed Asian-American single moms out there.

  46. Stereotypes never die and they are the main reason for misinformation:
    This study demonstrate that Hollywood and the media conspire to continue Asian women as “slutty” and “easy”
    sexual partners for white men,and lately some black men too.

  47. Condoms do not make sex safe. They reduce the risk of certain stds but you can and will get any std with an infected partner using a condom. Check out Pam Stenzel for the real truth on this subject.

  48. I am an Asian man. I do not understand why other Asian guys complaining about being Asian. I found it is a lot easier for me to get lay then non-Asian. I do not have to work as hard. I was approached by a few hot white girls. As Asian man, I found the rumor that we are shy, smart and conservative ( might not be true) is an advantage. Girls are more opened to us then white or black guys. Some girls even try to seduce me. I do not know about the statistics, but most of my Asian friends are very picky on sexual partners. If a girl had date a white guy, black guy, gangster, or a playboy before, we will avoid having sex with her at all unless there is concrete evidence that she is has no STD. It takes me a few months to find out more about her before I make my move. Some girls (slutty) can not wait and try to seduce me.

    In fact, I happy that we have a few slutty Asian girls to serve the non-Asian guys. They give the non-Asian guys the false-perceptions that Asian girls are easily; in reality, the girls they are with are sluts who know that they can keep a good Asian man. (They are a few exceptions, but I are confident that most of them are slutty or gold digger).

    Why existence of such Asian sluts are beneficial to Asian guys? Such mentality would prevent many intellectual conservative Asian women from considering having a non-Asian man for lifetime partner. Furthermore, it fed the ego of those non-Asian guys that eventually display in their behaviors. Consequently, it enforce the myths that would repel conservative intellectual women (good wife type). The kind of women that are looking mutual, respectful, intellectual relationship. I do not know about guys, I prefer such a wife over the slutty, sexual slave types or gold diggers.

  49. I know it’s kind of late, but this STI stuff about AAW is serious and I think is still very current. Fact, AAW are not stupid, many are educated — formally or informally. AAW, especially those that had any kind of schooling here know about STIs and, at the very least, the prudence and purpose of using a condom. Whether or not AAW always use good judgment before having sex is not unlike what other women of other groups go through. However, if Professor Hahm’s study is any indication that what was may still be what is and what will continue to be, then community health service organization(s) need to be more active in educating AAW about STIs and the preventative measures needed to be taken. Bottomline: The social and health issues presented here are probably needed. One final note, for those guys who are miffed about some AAW’s attitudes in their choice of a sexual partner, I have just one thing to say — this is America and in America women … and men, can choose who they want to go to bed with. Now the reasoning behind why one chooses one person over another is another topic altogether. Hmm … I’m really glad you guys wrote this and appreciate everyone’s candor and honesty. Admittedly, I’ve gained insight.

  50. You know … about some of those comments, that is those from what appears to be upset AAM. I say, okay it is a serious issue with the lack of using necessary protection (STIs); but as far as AAW in choosing sexual partners who are non-Asian, look at it from a positive point of view. Fact, AAW (e.g. Korean, Chinese, Japanese women) do go out with other men of other racial/ethnic groups and, yes, their choices are broad and diverse (e.g. White, Black, Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican, Indian/South Asian, etc.), but that only goes to show you AAM who are upset that Asians as a people are tolerant and open-minded. So isn’t that a good thing? So if takes AAW (minus the STIs of course) to break up and promote the idea that East Asians as a whole are NOT insular, rigid, and inflexible then so be it — this is a good thing! From my experience, Asian-Americans in general, minus a few and there are always those in any group, are a smart, tolerant, and open-minded people. And just like any racial/ethnic minority group, assimilation into a dominant culture is a de facto “work-in-progress.” So cheer up AAM who are upset, this is really a good thing. Just think, if it were the other way around, you AAM probably wouldn’t be so upset … right?

  51. This is the most absurd thing I ever heard. I am an Asian American female who is by the way a u.s citizen and America does not belong to anyone but everyone we r a melting pot get used to the interacial thing. Also, im also interacial mixed from Asia not from America because of the wars in Vietnam. In general anyone one can be a slut y must we hate on the girls to make ourselves feel better rather than that help ur fellow female. The most part I can say is I use condoms because of all the sexual risk involve but I have sex with my serious bf.. My pt. is stop fucking being nasty to eachother this makes men look at women even in a lower way.

  52. Asian chick above me..America belongs to Native Americans and thats all i have to say about that.

  53. I’ve seen a large amount of these sort of articles over the last seven days, and I can’t account for it.
    Hot subject it appears

  54. To john wayne, small world I think I know that Cambodian girl you speak of in El Monte ! haha

    I’m from the SGV 626 in Southern California, born and raised. Here we have the biggest population of Asian American in the whole US. I grew up in a 80% Asian school and always dated Asian girls, I’m Caucasian by the way.
    I was known as the Asian guy trapped in a White guys body from my friends lol I was into all the stereotypical Asian guy things: gangs, raves, import car scene, anime, gaming, computers,etc.

    Called me “Azn washed” haha

    Anyways, I’ve dated nothing but Asian girls my whole life and now I changed I’m in my 30’s and date everyone. It’s true though 90% of them are money hungry, gold digging, easy to have sex with, think they’re too smart for their own good, and last but not least, they’re mind game players !!! Pretty damn good at it too, the Asian women overseas are much much different ! I am not trying to generalize but as a White guy looking through Asian eyes (perspective) all my life, most of them are OBSESSED with White guys, yet don’t admit it that often and sometimes get sickened by White guys who claim their Asian fetish, double standard much ?!?

    I’ve been with all types of women, but in the end I do have to say Asian women are the best in bed and most willing to try new kinky things. So for sexual reasons Asian women are the best still…but they’ll mind fuck you to no end and make your life a living hell.

  55. @Adrian, That’s hilarious. However, I will correct you on one thing. Asian women are not “obsessed” with white guys. Some are obsessed with celebrities just like any other American girl. Anyway, does higher rates of STDs mean more “slutty?” Generally, yes. You have to sleep around a little bit to be exposed to it honestly. Is it possible that your FIRST passes on an unfriendly gift to you? Of course, but that is rare.

  56. Asian women going with white guys are always whores soaked in self hatred. They`re a shame to their families and shoudl commit suicide instead of crawling on our world`s surface.

    They`ve been completely destroyed by the white propaganda machine aka Hollywood. What a shame.

  57. Well unfortunately since we live in a totally different time today which i would say that most of the women are nowadays since they’re such pathetic losers altogether.