Yes, I know I’ve proclaimed that soccer and the World Cup don’t mean shit to me (see here and here for proof). But I think I can be forgiven for indulging our readers with another World Cup related post. 32 lovely Chinese models pay homage to the 32 participating teams by getting naked and painting their bodies with the colors and symbols of each country. So enjoy this final tribute to the 2010 World Cup, after which you can go back to not caring about soccer for the next four years:

(via Absolutely Fobulous)


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  3. Wow, that took like an hour to scroll through

  4. GOAL!!!

  5. The plastic surgery industry is prospering in the middle kingdom. That or there’s photoshop, Chinese edition 2010 now…

  6. Sure enough, an hour later, I wanted to scroll through them again.

  7. Excellent!!!

  8. But wait, I thought China was all censory and oppressive when it comes to nudity. We must form a team to break these ladies out of the gulags they surely are serving time in, for indecency. And then we must feed them a sandwich or two.

  9. Nice bok choy.

  10. Your contribution to your fellow man is.. phenomenal. Shit I don’t even know if I spelled that word right. Honestly I have never really looked at Chinese girls before, however you have opened my eyes to a new path. In conclusion I thank you. Yes.

  11. It must be decent enough for China. Photoshop took away all their nipples.

  12. Nice to see they come equipped with reasonably sized breasts these days.