13 years ago businesswoman from Tianjin Zhao Yan was on a trip to visit the Niagara Falls (US), she was pepper sprayed and beaten by a US border patrol agent in a case of mistaken identity – he thought she was a drug smuggler. This POS name is Robert Rhodes, and Zhao claims that Rhodes beat her even after she showed her ID. Zhao states that she has suffered a lot of headaches and emotional trauma since that incident which has inhibited her to work and to be afraid of police. She was quoted as saying:

“I have been to many countries in the past for business purposes, and the United States is the most barbarous,” 

The Shanghaiist continues this report – a judge in Rochester New York awarded Zhao a sum of $461,000 in total compensation:

Recently, a federal judge in Rochester, New York ruled that Zhao was entitled to $461,152.09 in compensation, including more than $64,000 in medical expenses, $1,800 in lost earnings, $260,000 in past pain and suffering, $125,000 in future pain and suffering and $10,000 for false arrest.

While the compensation amount may seem like a lot, Zhao had originally sought $10 million in damages when she first filed the civil suit back in 2006.

During the trial, US authorities tried to argue that Zhao’s injuries were her own fault because she had run from Rhodes and then kicked, punched and scratched him before other officers could arrive. Zhao said that she ran because the officers had frightened her after ordering her to come inside an inspection station, mistaking her for a drug smuggler.

While Rhodes was initially fired and charged following the incident. He was acquitted the next year and eventually reinstated to his old job.

Seriously how can this POS get his job back after he falsely beat up an innocent tourist? How is he fit for the job and who can predict that he may do this again? 

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Images via Shanghaiist

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