If we didn’t have enough proof of it already, Chinese Big Brother has kicked up their technology to the next level.

According to Chinese state news agency ECNS, police used facial recognition-enabled cameras to apprehend a criminal suspect in a crowd of 60,000 concert-goers. The suspect, identified as Mr. Ao, was wanted “in connection with an economic dispute.” He and his wife were attending a concert by Hong Kong pop star, Jacky Cheung, at the Nanchang International Sports Center when the facial recognition cameras identified him. He was arrested on the spot.

This isn’t the first time that Chinese facial recognition technology has led to the capture of criminal suspects in China, but apparently, it has never been accomplished with such precision in a huge crowd before.

This comes on the heels of recent news that China will begin “rating” its citizens in 2020: Each person will receive a “trust score” based on their political leanings, purchase history and social interactions.

So looks like living in China will pretty much be the equivalent of living in a BLACK MIRROR episode.