Well, here is another case of a domestic abuse murder of a Japanese student in France. French police were on the hunt for a Chilean man believed to be the former boyfriend of the victim. 21 year old Narumi Kurosaki was studying at a university in Besancon, and went missing recently. Even though her body hasn’t been found yet, police believe that she may be a victim of murder after analysing surveillance tapes, checking her phone records and speaking to witnesses who heard screams from where she was staying on campus.

Police have stated that in addition to hearing screams, witnesses heard the couple fighting on campus on December 4, 2016. There have been sightings across France which potentially fit her description, but police have confirmed those sightings are redundant, and not Kurosaki.

Her former boyfriend was also believed to be studying at the same university is on suspicion for her disappearance and murder. The Chilean man’s identity was on the list of Interpol as he has since fled France. This was in December last year. He has been found in Chile and his name is Nicolas Zepeda Contreras. He has faced Chilean Supreme Court with France seeking extradition.

Japan Times covered this case back in December 2016:

According to Le Parisien, the Chilean man dined with Kurosaki on Dec. 4 at the restaurant in Ornans, about 20 km from Besancon. The pair then headed around midnight to a dormitory at the university, where she was studying.

She had completed a four-month course in the French language and was supposed to study law from January, a university official said.

Kurosaki, a student of the University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki Prefecture, could not be reached on her cell phone after she went missing and her credit card had been suspended, according to the authorities and sources.

Channel News Asia has reported on the court proceedings, where Contreras is defending himself and provided a sworn statement denying the charges of kidnapping and murder. He tells the court:

He said he went to see Kurosaki on Dec 4 – the day she was last seen – at her dormitory, and that they went out for a meal and then back to her room, where they had sex.

Kurosaki then had a panic attack, saying she felt guilty because she was in a relationship with another man and had been unfaithful to him, Zepeda said. She then asked Zepeda to leave, he added.

“I walked toward the city center, expecting Narumi to call me. But that never happened,” Zepeda said in his statement.

My hope, and I am sure that is the hope of all of you that Contreras will be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of French law. Kurosaki was young, full life and now her whereabouts are unknown. The fact that the police are saying that she has been killed is concerning as it is another case of domestic abuse and violence with the inevitable conclusion. We keep hearing of Asian international female students being attacked and horrifically murdered, this needs to stop.

Images via Japan Times and Channel News Asia

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