Well, I am back to post some more. This time we will move away from Bangkok and shuffle over to Malaysia. Before I get into it though, I did want to mention some final words about my Bangkok trip. Bangkok was such an awesome city in terms of how friendly locals were as well as the food and the sites and sounds we were able to experience. Although, I do take some issue with the taxi drivers who try their best to cheat “non-locals”. If you plan to travel to Bangkok, ensure you ask the taxi driver to use a “meter” and not make some deal on payment. More than often you will find that the meter prices will be cheaper than some “negotiated” price deal. In any case, just keep that in mind.

Now to Malaysia. Really our trip to Malaysia was to go to the island of Langkawi, which is under the state of Kedah, Malaysia. Kedah is the state both my parents were born and raised in and Langkawi was where my cousin, his parents and siblings live. The reason why we were there was to attend my cousins wedding. So we were literally there for just 4 days, 2 of those days were taken up by wedding festivities ( I will get into this in depth in later posts on Chinese Malaysian wedding traditions).

Anyways, we had 2 days to kind of explore the beautiful and idyllic island and enjoy the sites, sounds and flavors of this awesome island. I will start this with posting the food we ate, because that is probably most important.

So without too many more words, here are some of the awesome foods we savored in Langkawi!


Here are some pictures of the awesome Malaysian food offered on the island. On the first night, my uncle took us out to a local stall where we had fried broad noodles and some satay – which is like dribble central because of how delicious it was!

For breakfast the next day we had beef curry and rice wrapped in a banana leaf. My aunt bought this from some stall just outside their house! For lunch we had laksa ( spicy and sour fish based broth with loads of vegetable and rice noodles) and more satay because that is what you do in Malaysia!

This was what was served pre-wedding night at my cousins parental home. The array of curries is a mixture of Malaysia’s Indian, Malay and Chinese influences, and the kuehs are “nonya” ( Chinese Malaysia) inspired desserts. These kuehs are very coconut milk based and are so moorish! Then we had the best satays I have ever tasted…with legit peanut sauce. I am salivating all over again just reminiscing on it all!

The day after the main wedding, we had the best breakfast ever with Chinese Malaysian cuisine ( fried noodles, saucy noodle soup known as “mee jawa), freshly steamed meat buns and sticky rice with meat. YUMMY!

Lastly, we found a small beach area where a Malay laksa stall stood. My parents and my relatives were craving Malay laksa, so we stopped here for some wonderful Malay laksa and coconut juice as well as a Malaysian Indian inspired dish made with crab.

So what do you all think? Have I tempted you to all visit Malaysia? I hope I have as I am in love with the country of my cultural heritage! The food, the diversity and the sites and sounds all makes me want to go back as soon as possible! More to come with my travel posts!