So you may be thinking, what the eff is crazy Erin talking about ¬†– how can white dudes feel insecure about Asian men? I mean, yes I get it that Asian men (and I am referring about those in the West and Europe) are emasculated in Western mainstream media. I know they are portrayed as nerds, geeks, the weak and meek apprentice, or die/get injured early on in mainstream shows and movies. Also despite not ever being proven they are negatively stereotyped as having small dicks and are not perceived as being muscular, manly, tall and hairy (even though I do prefer my Asian men hairless…..). Asian men essentially are negatively stereotyped as the bottom feeder of the sexual hierarchy – but this appears to be more so the case in the West and Europe.

In Asia, it is a different story. You only need to look at the KPOP, JPOP, CPOP, Bollywood and Chollywood – all the men there are desired, hot, portrayed as heroes, the primary love interest and have a huge fanbase of not only Asian women/men, but women and men of ALL colours. I would say the reason for this is that Asian men in Asia are obviously the majority, hence there is no need to feel “inadequate” or have a “low self esteem”. Whereas, Asian men in the West and Europe are the minority, and hence is easier to double down on them considering the nature of men is pretty primal and animal like – you know the whole survival of the fittest shit…

The primary reason why I am writing about this, is because over the past year, I have seen white guys who either come and troll my own social media or comment in Asian groups on posts negatively, when there is a positive representation of Asian men. Are they feeling insecure? Are they feeling that the continual talk about the emasculation of Asian men will take the focus away from white men? Well I would say yes, and I think we need to have a serious conversation about this. So I hope this post will open up this discussion.

Anyways, I have compiled a shortlist of some of the reasons I feel are why some white men are starting to feel insecure over Asian men.

Sexy, half naked, hot Asian men

So I think it is no secret – I am notorious and publicly known as a perv. I do enjoy writing about hot Asian men, whether half naked or fully clothed. Yes I know I am objectifying Asian men, but hey, we need to do this more to send a message to the world that Asian men are hot and sexy. However, in a few Asian empowerment type groups where I have posted articles with pictures of hot and sexy Asian men, I have experienced a significant number of young white men coming in and commenting on how they do not appreciate these posts – because it is not about Asian equality and empowerment. Some have gone as far as argue and try to talk down anyone else who dares threaten their white supremacy. In my experiences, I have never seen an Asian male member feel so strongly against these type of posts and articles, so I really question these white dudes and have asked them if Asian men have no issues, why do they? Usually their replies are the same old adage, of objectifying Asian men ain’t empowerment – but I wonder whether they themselves feel so insecure considering many of these white men have fragile egos.

Asian men who are awesome at martial arts 

Generally, peeps associate Asian men with martial arts, but is this a negative stereotype? I mean Asian men in martial arts are not always “pumping iron” looking – they are always lean and slender which works against the negative stereotype theory that only “muscly” or “pumping iron” men are hot. Also not being overly big or buff they can still kick the shit out of western fighting styles. Also, in my personal opinion Asian men in martial arts show their technique, flexibility, patience and their impeccable reaction time. That is hot and appealing – just look at our idol Bruce Lee – he was a legend in martial arts and desired by women everywhere and of every race. But white men got insecure and hence installed Chuck Norris and others in Bruce Lee films in an attempt to “balance out” Lee’s desirability – well that is what I think anyways. Also I have seen some white dudes in various groups pulling apart Asian martial arts… again showing their insecurities….

When Asian men date/ or are objectified by white/other coloured women

Believe it or not, but there is a growing number of white and non-Asian women who are into Asian men. Just go into any Asian male/white/black/Latina women group, and you will see this bang smack in your face. There is also a growing number of Asian men dating/ in relationships with white and other women of colour.

This is not just a new phenomenon, but is one which has existed since the 1800s. If you know Goldrush history, many Chinese gold miners back in those days came to the west to find gold single or without their families. For the single Chinese men, many went with white women and in Australia Indigenous women, and the same goes for those who were not able to return to China due to immigration restriction/racist acts at the time. It is also noted and a fact that white men at that time felt insecure and outraged that these Chinese goldminers who all had the traditional Manchurian ponytail (Queues) were taking all the white women away. This is also a reason for the riots which happened at the time.

In more recent times, this type of coupling is growing, and I would say this is due to the global prominence of Asian pop, Chollywood and Bollywood. In addition, South Asian men have always been attractive to white women. If you have ever watched Bollywood films (and maybe this is just me) South Asian actors have always been better looking than many white actors. Their facial features are impeccable, and they have very infectious charisma. I have also seen many of my South Asian male friends date/get in relationships with non Asian women – so I think this is also growing.

Asian men calling out sexpats/poor behaviours

This may be more personal. Many of my Facebook posts are public and open for anyone to comment on. I talk a lot about poor behaving white guys in Asia and white sexpats (which are most well known), and I always get a few young white guys (some who are actually living and working in Asia) rebuke and excuse the behaviour. They feel slighted, attacked, offended and butthurt, because their crappy behaviour is being called out in public. Also many great and honorable Asian men have been active in challenging these white guys who randomly come and troll my Facebook – this hurts their fragile egos and pushes their insecurities further. This particular point may also vary with different people’s experiences, but this is from my own personal experiences. The other thing I will add, is remember that white guy I wrote about who had a cry about the discrimination he faces for marrying a Thai woman? Well he was definitely insecure and in many ways excused the white sexpat industry in Asia….

Asian men being better at white men on anything (fragile egos)

I think I have spoken about this enough in all the other above points, but will just say, yes – insecure, butthurt and fragile egos….


That is all I will say about this topic, and maybe I am right or maybe I am wrong about this. Whether I am or not, let’s open this conversation and turn this negative stereotype into a positive one. I know, we know that Asian men are all hot and sexy, not just the MMA, pumping iron types, but all types of Asian men. White guys who feel insecure and butthurt can suck it as far as I am concerned.

Anyways, feel free to let us know what you think!


  1. Wow, after this [http://www.yomyomf.com/discarding-the-fat-on-how-asian-relationship-politics-has-become-a-divisive-issue/] Erin’s been changing her tune lately. See guys, you got to call them out. Always.

  2. Fool’s gold.