Over the past week or so there has been a focus on the question of why some of the famous Alt-Righters and MRAs (Men’s rights activists) have an Asian fetish and/or choose to marry Asian women. Audrea Lim recently reignited this with her NY Times piece titled: The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish. It was a good read, although it didn’t really pinpoint anything new in terms of the reasons why this has become a “thing”. Here is an excerpt from my supplementary piece which summarizes what Lim pinpoints in a nutshell:

At the core of Lim’s piece she cites 2 major reasons for the Asian fetish of the alt-righters which are the “model minority” of being hardworking, conforming and wanting to assimilate and the negative stereotype which plagues Asian women which is that we are hyper-sexualised and perceived as subservient.

In addition, I added a few more observations and points on why Alt-Righters have an Asian fetish. You can check out my piece here. This entire topic is more complex than the basic notions of Asian women being easy pickings, or enable this fetish or are whitewashed sell-outs. We need to acknowledge (Asian men and women) that alt-righters amd MRAs ( which I will discuss in a little later in this piece) have no respect for women period. Being alt-righters, they are also racist and therefore will see Asian women as nothing more than objects that they own, because they are privileged white men. Anyways, my supplementary piece touched on these additional following observations ( read my original post for the explanations):

* Asians need a better grasp and understanding of the history of colonialism and wars in Asia and the mainstream brainwashing that white men/people are supreme.
* This is a product of toxic masculinity and misogyny of white men
* This is a debate of more than just AF/WM, it is about how white supremacy has messed us up
* Spread Asian feminism

One must remember that many of the Asian women who marry or hook up with some of these alt-righters are from Asia, have no clue (as yet) as to the politics in the US, Australia, Canada, NZ, UK etc and many would not understand the issues of racism Asians and other POC face in the West. We need to shift the blame away from Asian women and blame the alt-right and toxic white masculinity because it is these men who objectify, manipulate and exploit Asian women. Now, this is not saying that Asian women from Asia have no clue or are ignorant as such, but it is more that they are unaware of issues around white privilege and white supremacy and they have their own personal reasons for leaving Asia (poverty, new opportunities, Western brainwashing etc). 

For Asian women who were born or raised in the West or Europe and who still choose to date or be with alt-righters and MRAs I would say is a different story. We know that this happens and we all do question why. I don’t want to excuse their poor choices, but I do want to say that they lack an understanding of racism and they are not progressive Asian feminists or progressive period. For any Asian woman who embraces Asian feminism or who supports progressive politics, chances are they will never go for an alt-righter or a MRA. Reason being progressive Asian women and Asian feminists have loud and strong voices and independent thoughts. This would never run well with alt righters and MRAs who believe in the idea of power and control of women. So referring back to my supplementary piece above, “spreading Asian feminism” or arming Asian women with feminism is a way to deter this “thing” from happening. Asian women like Tila Tequila and Kathy Zhu are examples of those who do not embrace progressive politics and/or Asian feminism, and look where they are. 

And how about MRAs? Remember many MRAs are not necessarily alt-right or racist. But the commonalities which they share with alt right men is that they do not see independent value and worth in women and yes they too have an Asian fetish. Jackasses like David Bond ( PUA and predator), Julian Blanc ( PUA and predator) and even YouTuber Logan Paul, are not necessarily alt right, but are sexist and misogynistic and have no respect for women. They love Asian women because of the hypersexualisation stereotype and they feel Asian women are easy to control and have power over. Their shitty and toxic attitudes are to blame not Asian women who are victims of their predatory behaviours. Vice News recently published a piece on MRAs, and David Bond was interviewed. If you read it you will see how he talks loudly and proudly of his Asian woman fetish and how he now loves Asian women who are Muslim and who wear hijabs and burqas. It is sickening his ideas, but that goes to show that he has a low view and perception of women. He doesn’t want to give Asian women any agency nor does he see them as anything else except as his sex objects. There are many out there like him, and it is a problem of toxic masculinity, racism and patriarchy. Here is an excerpt from the Vice piece which summarises the reasons why MRAs have an Asian fetish:

This obsession with Asian women has deep roots in the cultural stereotypes of the Asian female in the West, explains Sheridan Prasso, the author of The Asian Mystique: Dragon Ladies, Geisha Girls & Fantasies of the Exotic Orient. The issue here is that these men believe the stereotype that Asian women are subservient beings eager to date the first white man they lay their eyes on. So of course it’s here, in Southeast Asia, that they can reclaim a lost sense of masculinity that’s seemingly less valued in the West today.

“What we can witness online is a proliferation of communities where men who feel disempowered in their lives can find empowerment through groups that aid the idea of re-masculinization through domination of women,” Prasso tells me. “Long-held stereotypes of Asian women as being submissive help fuel those fantasies and seek to enforce the role of men as ‘masculine’ by Western cultural definitions.”

So my conclusions? Well, as I said this whole “thing” is more than just blaming Asian women for choosing to date alt righters and white MRAs, and yes it should not ever be used to generalise all AF/WM unions. The majority of AF/WM are healthy, but we need to recognise that there is still a number which fall in this alt right and MRA Asian fetish/yellow fever. As a diaspora we need to be more unified and we need to understand the history of where all of this stems from. Continue to educate, engage and inform each other  and of course spread the word on Asian feminism. Arming Asian women with Asian feminism is the best way to change this racist trope and a way to take the power away from alt-right men and MRAs.

I will leave it here, but please let us know what y’all think…