Usually, I love to have quiet weekends, but last Saturday it was one filled with people, excitement, street wear, and oh yes AQUAMAN! To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect going to ComplexCon, and for some reason I kind of felt “too old” to attend the event. But alas I mustered all my spirit and strength and repeated to myself that I am “young at heart”, and so I went.

To my surprise the entire Long Beach Convention Center was buzzing with activity and people from young to old attended the 2 day event. ComplexCon’s main focus is on promoting a few things namely, pop culture, music, art, food, style, sports, innovation, activism, and education. And it definitely delivered. From pop up stalls of trendy street wear brands, to well known video game figurines and paraphernalia, to anime pop ups, food, basketball, MMA, rappers and DJs. Check out the website for the lineup. 

Though, my main purpose for attending was to check out the “AQUAMAN EXPERIENCE”, where you are inside a huge rounded tent and when you walk in, it is as though you are underwater, with sea life swimming around you. After some narration about Aquaman, you really feel like being apart of the experience. You can even touch the installation and if you push hard into it, you can see specific scenes from Aquaman, it is pretty awesome. 

But enough hearing from me, you can check out my pictures from the day! Enjoy and I would encourage peeps to check it out next year when it comes on!