The cast and crew behind the Interpretations Top 15 entry SOCKS FOR YOU. 

We are at the midway point for the voting period of the Interpretations Short Film Initiative Top 15. This semi-final group of films is vying for the Final 3 winning slots (2 will be chosen by our industry jury headed by Justin Lin and the final slot will be determined by audience voting).

We are encouraging the Top 15 filmmakers to market and promote their films, especially for the audience vote, and some of them have already utilized our POV section to post their own blog entries about their films and using the hashtag #Interpretations15.

Here’s an initial summary of these blog entries, which are quite fun, especially from the entry entitled PREY, which has some cool behind-the-scenes photos and videos about their lycan-centric short:

#Interpretations15: That Time of the Moonth… — Director Matt Yang King posts a funny video of actress Liz Ho complaining about “that time of the month.”

#Interpretations15: Wherewolf? There wolf! — Matt Yang King also shares a cool time-lapse video of Liz in the makeup chair as the werewolf prosthetics are applied, which took 6 hours!

#Interpretations15: First Offense! — Actor and filmmaker Tom Choi (MTV’s TEEN WOLF) , who directed SINGULARITY, writes about how programs like Interpretations is necessary, especially in this volatile time for the entertainment industry, where API stories need to be shared through outlets like YOMYOMF to nurture API talent.

#Interpretations15: The origins of “Nuts” — Filmmaker Leon Cheo blogs about the inspiration for his entry, NUTS, which is basically that squirrels are actually creepy, sometimes vicious, animals. He’s also got the evidence to back that up!

#Interpretations15: Socks For You — Director Rommel Andaya’s entry, SOCKS FOR YOU, is actually his second film about socks. You can check out the first one, which won several short film awards, called DIRTY SOCK, on his YouTube channel. Also, the shoot for the his Interpretations entry ended with the crew awarded with a pie from LA-based dessert spot The Pie Hole. Nice!

Check out all of the Top 15 films, as well as all the Interpretations entries over at the Interpretations website.


  1. We love the diversity of genres for the same script. We seem to be drawn to horror and scifi.