So I came across this interesting film project via Derek Ting, and thought I would share it with YOMYOMF readers. The film is called AGENT and its quite an fascinating sci-fi thriller about:

a group of friends who go out to the desert to shoot guns where they unexpectedly unleash an ancient power and find themselves caught up in a government conspiracy that forces them to choose between friendship and the fate of the world.

I always enjoy writing about great projects from fellow Asian brothers and sisters because it shows that we are out there being visible and doing things in the creative world. AGENT has a Kickstarter crowd funding initiative to help raise some funds to continue the work.

Here are some excerpts of their back information:

In August of 2015, we released our second feature film Always, a romance drama. After its release, I realized, there was nothing really stopping us from making another film if I could improve upon and follow the same principals I had in the process of making Always.

More action-oriented projects seemed much more attainable than before because, essentially, I knew how to leverage new technology such as Sony’s a7s ii, the DJI Osmo and drone, allowing our crew to be lighter and nimbler.

Several years back, I was in Arizona with a friend, Keith Bro, and I said I had never shot a live weapon before. So he introduced me to his friend James Seto who has his own gun-instruction course and who also develops a number of specialized silencers. We went out to the range and it was an exhilarating and fun experience, and I started to think about what if something happened out there? It would make a great setting for a movie, out in the middle of nowhere, with GUNS.

Check this film teaser yourself and let us know what you think.